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"We need to get to class."

Missy giggled, pulling Maya closer by the waist. "Wait, wait. A little more." She slid both hands into the blonde's tousled waves as she reconnected their lips.

Maya inhaled harshly and her fingers wrapped around the front of Missy's blouse. Their kiss quickly grew heated, the eagerness taking her breath away. "Okay," she pulled away reluctantly. "We actually have to go now."

"Fine." Missy groaned. She gave her one more lingering peck. "Since when did you care about being late anyway."

"Since always," Maya scoffed incredulously.

"You messed up my top," Missy pouted as she smoothed down the wrinkled fabric of her blouse.

They both ambled out of the janitor's closet discreetly. The hallways were nearly empty as the final bell was about to ring in any minute now.

"See you after school?" Maya slowly walked backwards towards her next class.


Maya turned around, trying to compress her smile as she made her way to Spanish class. The two had started seeing each other a few months ago at the beginning of their summer break. It was quite the unexpected romance. Maya had no idea how they would last but right now it was fun and fresh and that was all she cared about.

The bell went off just as Maya had entered the classroom. She headed straight to her desk. This year she had lucked out and gotten the same block as Riley and Zay. And Lucas.

"What are you smiling about?" Zay grinned cheekily as her friends all watched her take her seat next to Riley. "You were also the last one to come to class. Hmm..." Zay squinted his eyes, pretending to scrutinize her.

Maya placed her elbow on Lucas' desk behind her. She caught his frown at the side of her eye but avoided looking directly at him. "I had a... prior engagement."

"Oh, did you now." Zay folded his arms and leaned against the back of his chair. He briefly glimpsed at Lucas next to him before his eyes settled on Maya again. "I take it things are going pretty well with Missy, huh?"

Riley shook her head, her eyes wide. "I still can't wrap my head around it. I mean, you and Missy!"

Maya turned away from her friends and faced the front. "She actually isn't that bad, you know?"

"I'm just glad you're happy, Peaches." Riley beamed, gathering her up in a bone-crushing hug in which Maya groaned painfully.

"You really shouldn't let her make you come to class late though." Lucas interjected suddenly.

Maya looked over her shoulder at him, her cobalt blue eyes narrowed in slits. "I wasn't late though, was I?" The muscles in Lucas' jaw tightened.

Zay subtly covered his mouth with his hand, a twinkle of amusement in his eyes as they shifted back and forth between the two.

The teacher had given them the entire class to revise for their upcoming exam that week. There were only a few productive students, including Lucas and Riley. Everyone else was clearly invested in other things, like parties and petty high school drama.

Zay and Maya on the other hand, were having a paper airplane competition. Even Riley would sometimes join in on their antics, but then scolded them for being too distracting. Lucas stayed quiet.

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