~Chapter Two~

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"The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one's destiny to do, and then do it."


The windshield was cracked in various places, some parts already disintegrated into tiny fragments. Red coppery liquid was smeared along the console of the car as her mum's head lay limply against the destroyed windshield.

The airbags had long deployed as the front fender was crumpled and creased easily as brown paper. It seems the motion of the car was rudely interrupted by the now mangled lamp post which seems irredeemable.

Cuts and bruises littered Mr. Evans' face and hands seemingly from the glass fragments. His back was structured in an uncomfortable and rather painful position with his facial sides bruised from the airbag burns. The tightened seatbelt added no comfort to his distorted position.

A tight ball of bile rose up in her throat threatening to spill over as she choked on her own tears. Every breathe she tried to gasp for resulted in a disturbing and painful expansion of her lungs.

She sucked in the cramped air greedily as her lungs began to cave in. A buzzing sound echoed in her head as she finally concluded she had a concussion.

Her lashes were stubbornly stuck to her blotchy red lids as she tried to furiously blink her salty tears away. Her imaginations ran wild as she tried to figure out if she had won the lottery ticket to the front row of a horror movie.

Her fingers searched aimlessly until they clasped tightly around her mobile phone. It seemed to be vibrating but it was actually from her shaking and trembling hands. She lifted her teary eyes above, mouth uttering a silent plea.

"Father, have mercy on me and save my family."

Five hours later, Cecilia is seen sitting rigidly on one of the plastic beat up chairs the hospital provided. Her snow drenched coat lay limply across the back of her chair as she held on tightly to the hem of her disheveled dress.

A crying toddler is being pacified by his mom two seats away as the poor child had a swollen red ankle, probably sprained. Her mouth whimpered in tearful prayer as she continually asked the Lord for mercy.

Her Grandma called to raincheck why they haven't arrived yet but Cecilia was too numb to even pick up the phone. The voicemail clicked off as her Grandma queried for the umpteenth time.

She took in shuddering breaths as a cold shiver ran through her spine. The antiseptic and vomit smells interceded together and wafted through her nostrils with another odour her fuzzy brain couldn't recognize at that moment.

A pregnant woman smacked gum together probably to tint away the bad taste of the nausea she had just delivered into the bathroom sink.

Her eyes scanned the clock on the centrepiece as it struck midnight. New year at the Evans had begun with a trip to the hospital, not a good sign at all.

She twisted her already knotted fingers tightly in her lap, the turmoil welling inside her was encouraging the raging monster stampeding in her stomach. Her usual calming aura had completely dissipated as her overactive subconscious mind began to act up.

The sound of the automatic sliding doors jeered Cecilia from her silent reprieve. The salt and pepper haired doctor strode grimly across the hall to stand stiffly in front of the anxious waiting room occupants.

"Miss Evans?"

She rose quickly and raced to his line of focus looking at him with apprehensive eyes.

"Yes?" She croaked.

"Let's talk somewhere more private." They trudged their feet heavily along the ER hallway until they were some distance away from prying eyes and uplifted ears.

"How are my parents?"

Doctor Bernard snapped his head up at her question and stared pitifully at her.

"Your father has paraplegia." Seeing her scrunching up her nose in confusion, he explained further.

"It is a type of paralysis that affects both legs of the victim. It is caused as a result of damage to the spinal nerves."

She clenched her chest painfully and she tried to gulp in shaky breaths.

"And Momma?" She fought hard against her heart easing its tension away as she hopefully threw in the next question.

"I'm sorry dear." He clamped his hand gently on her shoulder.

"She is suffering from a severe brain trauma that has landed her in unstable coma." He then shook his head gently seeing the lingering question clearly amplified in her red eyes.

"No, we don't know when she is going to wake up." Tears clouded her vision as she held on tightly to the hallway door handle to steady herself. Her once sculpted firm heart was cracking bit by bit.

She closed her eyes shut as painful sobs and whimpers escaped from her lips. Her tears ran like a raging river down her rosy cheeks as she asked her final question with her eyes still closed.

"And the baby?"

He took in deep breaths to calm himself, he couldn't believe how he got through the day after delivering terrible news to his patients.

"I'm sorry but we lost him."

Just then, her heart completely shattered.


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