~Chapter One~

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"Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking."



"One more minute Baby!"

"You said that five minutes ago!"

"Okay okay, two more minutes please." Her mum's head appeared over the banister of the top stair and she smiled cheekily.

"Yeah, but please hurry up!" As she was still speaking, her dad came around from the dinning room and joined her at the bottom of the stairs.

"My wife takes a lot of time to look good, huh?" He nudges her gently with his suit clad elbow and she simply smiles.

"You look lovely dear." He smiled appreciatively at her as he took in the appearance of her light blue summer dress that contrasted beautifully with her smooth olive skin, her thick brown hair which looked like caramel chocolate was twisted into two side buns held together with butterfly hairpins.

" He smiled appreciatively at her as he took in the appearance of her light blue summer dress that contrasted beautifully with her smooth olive skin, her thick brown hair which looked like caramel chocolate was twisted into two side buns held toge...

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"Thanks daddy." She grinned at him. Just then her mum's stiletto heels made contact with the wooden stairs. She wore a soft looking violet gown that stopped barely at her knees. It accentuated her curves so delicately that her growing baby was no longer the centre of attraction. She smirked down at her family as she struck a pose.

"How do I look?"


"You look stunning darling." Mr. Evans gave his wife a sweet short kiss. Red started creeping up Mildred's neck as she blushed at her husband. Cecilia smiled reminiscently at their unwavering love for each other asking the Lord to bless her soon with hers.

"I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future."

Lord, what does this mean? She mused to herself.

"Trust in me in all circumstances and I will always be with you till the end of age."

"Okay Lord, I trust you." She didn't understand but she shrugged it off and decided to give up her fears to the Lord.

They went through the front door after donning their coats and hats and breathed in the crisp cool air. They hurried to the Blue Nissan jeep, settled in and clasped their seat belts.

Mr. Evans cranked up the heater and waited for the warm air to circulate. The engine was started and the family were finally on their away to Grandma's cottage for New year's eve.

"Stuck with you" by Ariana Grande was playing softly through the radio station as Cecilia bopped her head to the music. She was excited to see Grandma, it's been eight months since they last visited her. Pearl, her best friend wanted to come save for the Summer Christmas her family had already preplanned for Australia.

She couldn't wait to listen to all her escapades in the island continent. Oh well, she is still going to enjoy Grandma's famous sugar plum cookies so she has no excuse to be sad and dad said steak and potatoes was for dinner.


Suddenly, she heard her dad furiously hooting his horn, that's unusual. She jerked her head up so quickly that she slightly missed having a whiplash just in time to see an oncoming vehicle speeding swiftly towards them.

In an attempt to avoid a fatal head-on collision, Mr. Evans veered off the lane but the frozen icy roads caused the tires to skid and slip making him to lose control of the steering wheel at that moment of confusion. The car started spinning in circles with a great velocity the same time she started screaming in fear when the realization of what is going to happen finally settled in.

Her mum was trying to calm her down but you could see the unbridled fear in her eyes. The frequent spinning and banging of the car started causing discomfort to the baby, she panicked herself. She unlatched her seatbelt to loosen the tension and tried to crouch down quickly but slipped and hit her head rather painfully on the windshield.

After a few seconds, everything stilled and Cecilia rose up from her crouched position that her mum instructed her to stay in. She groaned as she glanced around, her head felt like it's been pounded over, it seems she hit her head pretty hard during the chaos. She tried to focus her vision on her parents and gasped harshly at the sight that met her blurry eyes.


A cliffhanger, surely one to remember.

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