Part 3

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"Welcome Mr Sloan," I shake hands with him as he gives me a warm smile "and Ms. Sloan you seem to be better looking everytime I see you."

"Thank you dearie." She pats me on the shoulder

The sloans have been family friends since well forever I'm fairly certain they were the ones who threw my mom a baby shower for me, and Mr Sloan threw a bachelor party for my dad.

"Well, it's almost our reservation time so let's go check in and be seated"


Jack rushes into the kitchen
"THEY HAVE ARRIVED!! The Quinn's and the Sloan's have arrived!!! Katie, be ready to go serve them their first course in private room 4C on the second floor & be sure to offer them the finest champagne we have to offer. And remember if they want it you better get it!"

I nod, I grab my tray :with the abundant selection of bread and head out to serve them. As I walk up to the room I hear a familiar voice. I stop to think, oh no! Oh no!! This can't be happening, if it's the man I think it is, then it's the man I slept with last night. I shake my nerves off and walk into the room.

"Hello, welcome to Tessa's my name is Katie and I will be serving you today. I have brought you a sampler of all the bread we have to offer. If there is a specific kind you would like more of just let me know and I will make sure to bring is to you immediately. I you are ready I can take your drink & soup orders now."

"Umm, yes may I have a Cold Squash Soup & what would you say is your finest champagne available." The first man says

" It would have to be the Fránće Dél Parie; it is the finest champagne we offer here"

"Get everyone a glass of it!" The man says "Now, Jewel & Chance go ahead and order your soups"

The woman; I'm assuming Jewel orders Water Chestnut Soup and then Chance begins to speak

"I would love to try the Asparagus & Corn Blossom Soup" he looks me directly in the eyes. I hope they didn't notice me flinch, be I know those eyes. And now I know the name of the guy i slept with.

"Okay, I will be back with those soups and champagne."

I turn and walk out of the room. One course down, several more to go.

Sorry it is short, but I am at my grandparents celebrating the holidays!
So Happy Holidays!!!!

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