Part 4

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Day before Thanksgiving (about 3 1/2 weeks later)
*Katies POV*

I rush to the toilet and throw up for the 3rd time today. I have no idea what is going on. Suddenly it hits me, I haven't had a period since before I slept with the Quinn guy.
"Katie? Are you alright?" My best friend Tilly asks from outside the bathroom door
"Yeah, Tills I'm fine. Must be some bug or bad food I ate."
"Okay, I'm taking Trixy and Rufus on a walk. I'm going to stop by the pharmacy & grocery store and get you some medicine and food things"
"Your just going to flirt with the guy Clayton."
"He's adorable! And can I not be concerned about my roomie?"
"See, you admitted it! And fine, oh and pick up some stuff it's almost my time of the month"
"EW! TMI! I didn't want to know."
"Well, would you rather me be preggo?"
"No, but fine I'll get you some stuff!"
Tilly walks off and I hear the front door slam shut. If I leave right now and go to the North Eastern Pharmacy I can get some pregnancy tests and be back before Tilly is. I rush to get ready and head to the pharmacy. I grab a trillion different tests, pay for them, an leave as quickly and I got there.

*15 minutes later*
I sit on the rim of the bathtub, anxiously looking at the 12 tests that lay before me.
-beep beep beep-

2 pink stripes
A blue plus sign
2 blue lines
A pink "P"
3-4 weeks

All of theses meant I was pregnant. I curl over in a ball and cry. Suddenly I hear the front door swing open

"I AM HOME!!" Tilly screams at the top of her lungs
I get out of my ball of tears and quickly shove the positive tests in my purse. I grab my purse and Head to the living area where Tilly is.

"Hey, sorry I took so long." She says

"No, your not. You just wanted to flirt with Clayton."

"Well, I got you your requested stuff & some medicine things for whatever you have."

"Well, whatever I have is going to be lasting a couple months."

"What??!" She pauses then drops the paper bag she's holding "YOUR PREGNANT!! YOUR PREGNANT!! I GET TO BE AN AUNTIE!!"

"Your excited?"

"DUH!!!! I know I get to be the baby's aunt & godmother! Why wouldn't I be excited?"

"Our earlier convo. SHIT!"

"I could never be mad, I love love love babies! Plus, I work as a nurse on the labor and delivery/ maternity ward at the hospital!! And what's wrong?"

"The dad. I have to tell him, but I forgot the last name."

"Oh, well you got a bit of time. Here's some mail for you." She hands me the mail I assumed she picked up on her way back up.

I tear open the first one

Congratulations Miss Rivera:
The faculty at Quinn Enterprises would like to congratulate you on filling the position of our CEO's sons personal assistant. The P.A. Position is a full time with benefits. You will work 9am to 5pm daily with weekends off. Please be present on the Thursday after Thanksgiving to begin your training. Dress is business casual.
All regards:
Marcus Luis; P.A. Of Charles Quinn

"I got the job!!" I squeal

"Yay!! This calls for celebration, I'm calling the Trio to head to that one place we always meet but never bother to learn the name of!"

"Okay" Tilly heads off to call the crew and I open my other piece of mail

My doctors office:

Miss Rivera;
During your regular checkup we ran some blood tests to check everything. Due to this we found out that you are expecting a bundle of Joy in July! Congratulations!!

That's just great! Well, let's see how I can spill it to my parents. A single parent at age 24.

If you have an idea of what Katie or Chance would look like I am taking suggestions.

I was thinking Olivia Wilde for Katie.

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