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Photo of her wedding dress ^

Today was the day I was getting married. My second wedding, I never thought I would be here. But, I'm glad I am. Chance is beyond amazing and has fixed himself up since the first time we were together. I hear music begin to play, slowly the bridesmaids head out. Then it's my turn, my dad refused to walk me down the aisle if I married Chance. So I am doing it solo, or so I think. Tilly's husband Clayton shows up right beside me

"May I?"

"It would be my honor!" I say taking his arm.

Honestly I'm glad he is walking me down the aisle. He has been super protective of me and the kids, especially when Chance came around.

Everything's a blur, but then I hear Chance say the two magic words:

"I do." Chance says smiling

"Do you Katie Marie River-James, take Chance Bryan Quinn to be your lawfully wed husband?"

"I do, I will always." I say

"Now, with the power invested in me by Washington State I pronounce you Husband & Wife. You may kiss the bride."

Chance pulls me into a kiss. Then I turn and see a familiar face. I blink, and rub my eyes. I couldn't be, it can't be. I mean he died, didn't he? It was the one and only Martin James.


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