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These are just something's to help you better understand the characters. Any names listed here are not 100% in the story. I just wanted to give each main character a background.


Katie (Dianna Agron) works 3 jobs-
Stripper - Every night but Fridays 6pm - 3 am
Tessa's- Monday-Thursday 10:30am- 5:30 pm
Animal Shelter- Weekends 7am- 4pm
Friday is the only day she has no work

Chance is the son of Charles Quinn the CEO of Quinn Enterprises (a condo selling/rental place) and is expected to take it over by his 26th birthday.


Julia & Charles are Chance's parents
Robert & Tammy are Katie's parents
(Parents may have a role: not sure yet I just wanted to give them names)

Chance age 25: Only child
Katie age 24 ;
Older Brother- David (27)
Younger Sister- Willow (22)
Younger Brother- Josh (16)
Younger Brother- Jason (16)
(Josh & Jason are twins)

David - strongly dislikes the Quinn company ever since he applied as an intern there in college; and was rejected due to the fact he didn't fit the image they wanted.

Willow- Gone through millions of phases and nicknames. Never sure what to do. Has a degree in Nursing.

Josh- Quarterback at their High School, dating Head Cheerleader (Heidi) and they have already exchanged promise rings.

Jacob- Academic Team, Robotics Club, & Chess Club Captains. Total opposite of Josh and prefers to stay hidden in the shadows.

FRIENDS & Ex's & Other

Tyler-Chances for the most part only friend (and coworker)
Kitty- Chance's ex who is a stripper at the same club Katie works at
Oliver- Chance's security guard at large events

Jacob- Katie's Ex Fiancé who was abusive in their relationship and has confronted her many many times each time with physical abuse
Tilly- Katie's BFF; the only person who knows that she works at a strip club.
Tegan, Amelia, & Lola - The trio of which Katie & Tilly hang out with on Friday nights

* Katie *
- Graduated Brown University with a duel degree in Business Management & Literature. With a minor in German
- Wants to be in charge of running her own cafe someday
- Has never traveled out of her home state of New York (with the exception of college)
- Lives about 45 minutes out of NYC
- Owns 2 dogs. A Bassett Hound named Beatrix (aka Trixy) and a Labrador named Rufus

- Went to college at Harvard and graduated with a Law degree. Would prefer to have gotten a degree in Physics.
- Only Child ??? (Hint the ?)
- Wants a dog
- Travels all the time
- Lives in a penthouse in NYC

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