Part 2

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* Some strongish language is present in this chapter.

Chance POV
Why? Why did I have to go to a strip club last night? I should have went home, gotten drunk, and passed out while watching whatever was on T.V. But no, I had to go to the club, get tipsy, well way past tipsy, and sleep with a stripper. Now, that was a mistake; oh crap I can't remember if I used protection, I know I had some in my coat pocket but if I used it. Damn, Damn, Damn!!! Well, for hellos sake she's a stripper she's bound to be on the pill or something!
I step out of the shower and dry off, putting my clothes from yesterday back on. I slowly open the door and peek into the room. The bed is vacant so whatever her name is left. I look at the clock, 10:05 I have a business meeting at 11:00 but I can't remember what the place was that I was supposed to meet them at. Well, atleast I have time to figure that out, right now I just have to worry about getting this deal. I could really use the boost of selling a condo in Cancun (Mexico), since dad is pressuring me to take the company over in February. My phone buzzes and speak of the devil it's my dad

- Running late might not make it: get to Tessa's at 10:55 to make sure everything is in order for the Sloan Family. *Charles

Why did my dad, excuse me, Charles always have to address himself by his name when he contacts me. I'm his son; not a pet robot or something. Well, atleast I know where I'm supposed to be at 11. I notice a slip of paper sitting on the desk, I unfold it to read;
Sorry gotta run, swing by the club an leave my payment. I will know if you don't. Since you scanned an ID when we left.
Scarlett Sanchez

Well, atleast I know a name to go with the amazing person I had just seen last night. I finish freshening up to make myself presentable for the meeting. I still have time so I head to the club to pay the bill I owe on Miss Scarlett.


I arrive at work, and am immediately bombarded with Jack telling me how a big big big person in society will be arriving shortly for a meeting with clients. So it's my job to be the waitress for them and cater to EVERY need, no matter how outrageous. If they want sparkling water from Michigan I better get them the dang water even if it means running to the store. I try to focus as he goes over the 5 course meal prepared just for them. But all I hear is "yada yada blah blah blah stuff I should know. All clear Ms. Rivera?"

"Yes Jack, Bread, Soup, then Salad, the main course of either Tilapia or Steak with a side of green beans, orange pan fried squash, or a potato prepared either way they want, and to top it off either tiramisu or cheesecake with a caramel apple sauce."

"Good, I know you wouldn't disappoint me K."

I hope I don't mess this up. My whole job is riding on this and god knows I need the money. I barely passed on paying rent last month, and now this month I have to struggle with Thanksgiving in a few weeks. Well, it's time to see how the cookie crumbles.

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