Christmas day

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A.N: just wanted to say how overwhelmed I am at the response on this story still after so many years! Means a lot to me that you're all still enjoying it, and motivates me to keep writing. Big thank you!

There weren't many students staying over Christmas, so, as usual, the 4 house tables had been removed and replaced with just 1 table for everyone to sit round. When Hermione arrived, Luna was already sat at the table so she sat down opposite her.

'Merry Christmas, Luna' said Hermione.

'Merry Christmas, Hermione' replied Luna in her usual airy tone, 'did you get many presents?'

'Yes I got 3 actually, one from Harry, one from Molly Weasley and one from my parents' she said, her words getting quieter as she mentioned her parents, 'how about you?'

'Yes, I got a new charm necklace from my father - you know, for the nargles'

'How lovely' replied Hermione, she was so used to Luna and her strange ideas by now it didn't even phase her. At that moment, Draco arrived at the seat next to Hermione.

'May I sit?' He asked, gesturing to both Hermione and Luna.

'Of course, the more the merrier!' Replied Luna. Draco took his seat and then Professor McGonagall rose from her seat at the centre of the table.

'Merry Christmas students and staff!' She started, 'now I know we aren't many, but I hope you will have a pleasant meal. After everything we've been through this year it's the most we deserve. Now I won't keep talking for too long, as I'm sure you're all starving. Let's eat!'

And with that the golden platters on the table filled up with all the christmas food you could imagine, it was an incredible layout once again. Everyone piled up their plates and started eating. The room remained mostly in silence as everyone tucked into the delicious feast. Finally, the chatter started again as people had finished eating and the plates started being wiped clean. Hermione and Luna chatted, but Draco remained quite silent sat next to Hermione, clearly feeling awkward with Luna around.

Once all the plates had been wiped clean, everyone's heads turned as the door to the great hall opened. It was Pansy and Blaise. Both of their hair was a mess and their clothes all askew and Pansy was giggling at something Blaise had said.

'Oh, have we missed it?' Said Pansy, as they arrived at the table.

'I'm afraid so, Miss Parkinson.' Replied McGonagall coldly, 'clearly you and Mr Zabini were too busy engaged in another activity to join us.' There was a snigger around the table, but she continued, 'maybe if you go down to the kitchen there will be some food left over that can be spared for you.'

Pansy gave Professor McGonagall a dirty look, annoyed that she had embarrassed her in front of everyone. She gave another glance to Draco as she turned around, and was shocked to see him sat with Hermione. Her mouth dropped open and she stared at Draco for a second, before stomping off calling Blaise after her, who ran to catch up with her.

Hermione turned to look at Draco, to see how he had taken this interruption. He was staring at his empty dinner plate, clearly something on his mind.

'Everything okay, Draco?' She asked.

'What? Er... yeah. Hermione? Do you want to meet me later this evening?' He replied.

'Yeah of course, where? The Gryffindor prefect common room will be empty as I'm the only one left in the castle if you want to meet me there?'

'Sounds good,' said Draco. 'See you there at 8pm?' Hermione nodded her head in reply, and Draco got up from the table and made his way out of the great hall. A few other students followed his lead and got up from the table to leave, now that the feast was over.

'He really likes you, Hermione.' Said Luna, 'you can tell by the way he looks at you.' Hermione felt herself blushing, and then started to get up from her own seat.

'See you around, Luna. Merry Christmas everyone.' Said Hermione before leaving the great hall. She was looking forward to seeing Draco and getting to know him more before everyone returned to Hogwarts after the holidays. The return to Hogwarts was quickly approaching, and this was worrying Hermione as she had no idea how she was going to tell Harry, or any of the others, about her and Draco. But that was a worry for a different day - today she just needed to worry about what to wear to see Draco! She hurried off to her dormitory to find an outfit.

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