The Prefects Bathroom

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That morning, Hermione went down to breakfast, feeling quite happy. She wasn't sure why though. It wasn't as if Draco had been nice to her. But he'd still touched her. She sat down alone at the Gryffindor table and piled her plate with food.

As she started to eat, she noticed Pansy and Draco walking in. As Draco sat down, Hermione looked at him, trying to get him to look back at her. Hermione noticed Pansy getting up beside Draco. She stood up behind him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She was playing around with his hair and placing the occasional kiss on his neck. Draco had a small smile on his lips and looked like he was enjoying it. Hermione found that she could no longer eat anything. Quickly, she got up from her seat and left the great hall. She decided to take a walk around the grounds to clear her head.

How could she be so stupid? Why would Draco want her when he could have Pansy instead? She felt so embarrassed when she thought of what had happened last night. He had been teasing her. When she started to touch him back, he immediately left. It all made sense now; why didn't she see it before?

The walk made her realise she had been wrong, but it didn't clear her mind. She thought that she would go to the library. Maybe that would help.

She made it to the library, picked a book off the shelf to read, and went in search of a place to sit and read.

'Hermione!' a girl called from behind her. Hermione quickly turned around, trying to find out who the voice belonged to. It was Ottilie Williams, a Ravenclaw girl in her year. She was sitting with one of her friends, Harriet Lane.

'Oh, hey Ottilie,' Hermione greeted her.

'Do you want to sit with us?' Ottilie asked. Hermione thought it might be nice to have some company once in a while, so she decided to accept and walked over to the empty seat next to Harriet.

'I saw you giving into the restricted section yesterday. What were you doing in there?' Harriet asked.

'Oh... Uh... Nothing,' Hermione replied, embarrassed about the real answer. Harriet looked at her suspiciously, but didn't ask.

They all studied in silence for a couple of hours until Ottilie and Harriet decided to go back to their common room before lunch.

'You can sit with us at lunch if you want,' Ottilie said to Hermione as she got up to leave.

'Thanks, I think I will. It's better than sitting all by myself.' Hermione gave a short laugh as she said the last bit.

After a while of sitting in the library alone, she went down to lunch, taking up Ottilie's offer. Once she had finished, she carried on her day normally, just studying and reading, until after dinner.

Hermione found herself longing to go back to the prefects bathroom. She wasn't sure why; maybe she was hoping Draco would come again. She packed up the stuff she would need and headed to the bathroom.

When she was there, she flicked her wand to turn the taps on and slipped into her bath robe. When the bath was full, she removed her robe and slid in. As soon as she was in and fully covered up by the bubbles, Draco walked in, as if on cue.

He quickly undressed, leaving his shirt on again, and got into the bath with Hermione.

'I see you couldn't resist me,' he said, a smirk on his face.

'I don't know what you mean,' she replied, the embarrassed feeling returning to her for about the millionth time that day.

He didn't reply, just kept that stupid smirk on his face.

'Anyway, why are you here? What if Pansy finds out?' Hermione asked him, trying to get some answers out of him. The comment about Pansy knocked his smirk off.

'There is nothing between me and Pansy,' Draco responded.

'Which is why she was all over you this morning at breakfast'

'I didn't realise you were watching me,' he said, the smirk quickly returning.

'I...I... Uh, I wasn't,' she stammered.

'Well you obviously were. And if you're really so intent on finding out what's between me and Pansy then let me enlighten you: it's complicated,'

'Its complicated? What do you mean, complicated?' Hermione asked him, getting annoyed.

'Basically, there's nothing between us. And for the record, I don't like her.' his smirk faded again.

'Yeah, yeah, that's so complicated,' she replied, rolling her eyes, 'and how am I supposed to believe that crap? I saw you and her this morning.'

'Ugh, just drop it Hermione.'

'Fine. So can you tell me then, why do you like having baths with me?'

'Who said I like them?'

Hermione's face went bright red out of embarrassment. 'Uh... Well... This is the second time you've done it... So I just thought... Maybe...' she stuttered.

'Maybe I do, maybe I don't,' he said, teasingly.

'Well I don't,' Hermione said stubbornly, trying to make him embarrassed. It didn't seem to be working though.

'Fine. Then you can go,' Draco replied, sounding even more stubborn than Hermione.

'What? I was here first!' Hermione shouted at him.

'And? I'm here now.'

'So am I! Get out, now!'

'You can't make me, mudblood,' Draco remarked, superiorly. Immediately, tears started welling up in Hermione's eyes.

'Get out!' she screamed at him, all the anger inside her exploding. She stared at him, fire in her eyes. She obviously wasn't going to change her mind.

Draco quickly exited the bath, got changed and hurried out the door. As he turned the handle, he took one more look at Hermione. She was so beautiful and innocent. How could he do this to her? As he walked back to the Slytherin common room, he was thinking hard about how he was going to show he was sorry. He was thinking about a note, but that wouldn't work. Hermione wouldn't appreciate it as much. The only thing to do was to talk to her.

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