Pansy and ...

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A/N: okay so I have been a shitty writer and haven't updated in like a year but I just haven't had any motivation to do it but I finally decided to write a chapter because so many of you have been asking me to update so here you go! I hope you enjoy:)

There were two dark green eyes staring down at him and two skinny legs straddling his waist.

'Good morning Draco' Pansy said, the words rolling seductively off her tongue. She was dressed in a red and black lacy bra and thong set.

'Pansy - what are you doing?' Draco asked, trying to push her off him. She pinned his shoulders down with her knees and started to twirl her fingers in his luscious blond locks.

'I thought we could have a fun morning together, seeing as neither of us has anything to do or anywhere to be' she told him, as he wriggled around under her, trying to get out from her locking hold. She leaned down, pressing her lips against his unwelcoming lips. Finally he managed to push her off and she rolled off the bed, landing in a heap on the floor. Draco jumped over to his wardrobe and started to hurriedly dress himself. He had just put on his shirt over the vest he slept in when she slithered over to him and started to peel it back off.

'Pansy. Don't.' He ordered in his dominative voice. She looked taken aback.

'Since when have you ever resisted me? Don't you love me?' Pansy asked, her fingers caressing his shoulder.
Draco continued to dress himself and said

'I'm going for breakfast.'

'Since when have you gone down to breakfast without me having to force you down?'

'It's called changing, Pansy. Maybe you should try it yourself.' And with that he strutted out of his dorm, slamming the door sassily behind him, leaving Pansy looking like she'd been slapped with a fish.

Hermione was sitting alone at the end of the Gryffindor table in the dining hall, pushing her food around her plate. She thought Draco maybe had feelings for her... Obviously she thought wrong. But she never gets things wrong! She looked up from her plate and he was right there. Immediately she took in a deep, sharp breath and felt her stomach drop to her feet. She tried to tell him to go away but her dry throat wouldn't let her.

'Look, I'm sorry about what happened the other day. I didn't mean for it to go that far and I was completely out of hand to call you a mudblood. How can I make it up to you'

'Draco just leave me alone. You obviously don't want to be friends with me so why do you keep talking to me?'

'What makes you think I don't want to be friends with you?'

'Just everything about you. We're completely different people, on different sides of society.'

'But opposites attract...' Hermione peered up at him and he had a genuine look on his face. She couldn't help but smile.

'Draco!' Pansy shouted, 'what are you doing talking to the mudblood? Come on let's go'

'Yeah yeah I'll be over in a minute' Draco replied with a dismissive flick of his hand, not even bothering to look at her.

'Granger, he doesn't want to talk to you so just leave him alone.' Pansy said coldly to Hermione.

'Actually Parkinson, he was the one who came over to me.' She replied, equally as coldly.

'How dare you speak to me like that. Draco, I'm going over to the Slytherin table, you can come over when you're finished with the mudblood, but I don't understand why you'd want to talk to her in the first place. She's not very interesting is she?'

'I'm sorry about her,' Draco said, when she was out of earshot, 'will you meet me tonight at 7 in the room of requirement? We could do with a chat'

'No thankyou Draco, I don't think we should be hanging out with each other...' Hermione said, giving a cautious glance over at Pansy.

'Just think about it. I'm going to go anyway, incase you change your mind'

After breakfast, Draco went to the library to do some studying, but he just couldn't get Hermione off his mind. He decided to go for a fly around the grounds; that usually cleared his head. When he got to the broom cupboard and opened the door he saw an unpleasant sight. Pansy pressed up against the wall in just her thong, with her hands curled in his hair, and Blaize in just his boxers, pressing her against the wall while he massaged one of her breasts in one hand and they were both embraced in a violent kiss. Draco felt like he was going to throw up so he quickly grabbed his broom and ran for the nearest toilet, which he just reached in time to vomit. That was a sight he could never unsee. He ran out of the bathroom and straight into Hermione and the contents of his bag were strewn all over the floor.

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