Restless nights

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A/N: so years later I am back by popular demand! Isolation led me to log back into this account and I am overwhelmed by the amount of support this story is still getting. So here we go, hope I can still live up to my previous standards! It's short but it's a start, more to come.

Hermione lay awake, staring at the ceiling of her 4-poster bed all night, thinking about what Draco had said to her. She didn't know how to feel about it, it was so unexpected. She didn't even think he liked her, let alone wanted to fuck her! She hadn't even had sex before, her relationship with Ron wasn't at all like that, they'd decided to take things slow and they had never felt ready to. But Draco was different to Ron. He had a deeper layer to him, a more emotional and damaged side that drew her in and made her feel safe; she was just as damaged as he was and she felt she could understand him better.

The real reason her and Ron never worked out was that Ron was unable to support Hermione emotionally in the way she needed. She had a lot of emotional baggage; not just from the war, but from years and years of insecurity about succeeding that she had, and not to mention the bullying she received all through her childhood. She had a lot of anxiety and needed her boyfriend to be supportive. But Ron struggled with his emotional side, and so they could never truly understand each other. Draco was different tho; he got it.

On the other side of the castle, Draco also lay restless in his bed. 'Did I come on too heavy?' He wondered. 'Should I have gone about it in a more subtle way?'

He knew he liked Hermione, he always had done. For years he'd gazed at her from the other side of the classroom, perplexed by her knowledgable ways. He teased her for being a know-it-all and a goody two shoes, but really they were the things that drew him to her and made him like her more. Draco wondered whether saying he wanted to fuck her was the wrong way to tell her his feelings, but it was all he knew. He'd been sleeping around with girls in school since he was 14, so it was what he was used to. But Hermione was different to the other girls. She was pure and innocent, far from anything he knew.

Draco realised he'd gone about things the wrong way. He decided he would write her a note, apologising for his behaviour and telling her the truth about how he felt. He dropped the note in her bag the next day without her noticing whilst she was sat studying in the library.

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