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She glanced over at him again. There he was, sitting with Pansy at the Slytherin table, laughing at something she just said. As usual, Hermione felt a pang of jealousy, just like every other time she saw Draco laughing happily with another girl. She knew that someone like herself could never be with someone like Draco, but she was allowed to hope, wasn't she?

It was so hard for Draco to pretend he was interested in anything Pansy had to say, but he thought he pulled it off quite well. Everything in life was hard for him now. Crabbe was could no longer look him in the eye, after what had happened to Goyle. He'd been friends with Crabbe since he was a tiny child, and now he couldn't even stand to be anywhere near Draco. Ever since the war ended, his life had been a lot tougher than it was before the war.

Not one single person in Hogwarts, who wasn't a Slytherin, respected him anymore. He was now considered a traitor among the whole school, even though he had never wanted to betray anyone. It was all because of his mother and father that he got drawn into all of this. He even nearly got sent to Askaban, but was let off because of his age. Luckily, his father got let out of Askaban after 3 weeks when the ministry finally realised that he was always acting out of fear, rather than of his own accord, and because of his position in the ministry before the war.

After the war, a few aurors were sent to track down Hermione's parents and restore their memories. They managed quite well, but memory charms aren't completely reversible. They remembered most of the things about their lives before their memories were wiped, but they still couldn't remember a few small details about their old lives, like their favourite foods or Hermione's birthday. Thinking about this made Hermione sad that they would never fully remember everything, but apart from these little things, she was so grateful to have her parents back. She really thought that she would never see them again.

When Hermione found out that she would be able to attend Hogwarts to finish off her final year of studies, she was so excited. Harry and Ron were going to be doing their final year too. And also, much to her pleasure, she managed to find out that Draco Malfoy would be returning as well. She wasn't sure why, but there was something about him that had always intrigued her.

Draco jumped at the chance to return to Hogwarts when he found out that he had was able to finish his final year. He knew that he would not be accepted back by most students, but he didn't realise that only 2 people in the whole school would talk to him in a friendly manner.

He had been friends with Blaise since their first year. Blaise had always been a good friend to Draco, but he didn't really realise that until he returned this year. He still stood up for Draco, despite everything that happened. He still chatted to Draco like they did before the war, as if nothing had happened. He was the only person that did this.

The other person was Pansy. And Pansy was just Pansy. He wasn't really sure what was going on between them. They had a sort of on-off relationship that Draco didn't understand. He didn't really want to be in a relationship with her, but he felt like he should, considering everything she had done for him. But he just didn't find anything interesting or intriguing about her, and if he was being honest with himself, he had always had his eye on someone else. Somebody who was way too good for him and would never want to be with someone like Draco.

After the battle, people immediately started to rebuild Hogwarts. It took a while, because a lot of irreversible spells had been used, and you couldn't just simply swish your wand and say 'reparo'. Things like the Quidditch pitch, which had been burned down, needed to be rebuilt from scratch. Witches and wizards were working solidly from May through to late September, when they finally finished building it. Obviously it wasn't exactly identical to the old Hogwarts, but it was still great. They had managed to restore it to its original form but there were many changes that had to be made.

McGonagall, as the new headmistress, decided that everyone who didn't finish their last year could come back and finish it if they wished. Also, she decided that, because nobody learnt anything valuable with Snape as their headmaster, they could all redo their previous year. As well as this, at their Easter holiday, she decided that she was going to force all of the students to go home and to spend some time with their families. After the war, everything had changed and she thought it only right that they all had the chance to be with their family.

After everyone had finished eating, McGonagall stood up.

'If you are leaving tomorrow for the Christmas holidays, remember to make sure your trunks are packed tonight. The train will be leaving at 10:30 and will wait for nobody.'

After she finished speaking, everyone got up from their benches and entered into the sea of students, fighting their way through the crowds to get to their common rooms. Once Hermione got back to the Gryffindor common room, she sat down on a sofa in front of the fire and got out her book. After about 5 minutes, Harry came and sat down next to her.

'Are you sure you can't come back to the Burrow with us? It won't be the same without you, and I'm sure Molly would love to see you.' Harry asked.

'I'm sure. It's awkward enough with Ron at school, I can't begin to imagine what it would be like if I was staying in his house.'

Hermione and Ron's relationship hadn't lasted very long. It started off well, but over time, the sparks between them stopped flying. They decided that they would stick to just being friends, it was what they were good at. But they were unable to go back to normal after what went on between them. They hadn't been able to have a conversation together since they broke up.

'About you and Ron, can you please sort it out? I mean, I know that it's nothing to do with me, but you're both my best friend and it makes it awkward for me. I can't be around you both at the same time very easily.'

'I'm sorry Harry. I know it isn't fair to you, but I just don't know what to do. It didn't work out between me and Ron. I'm glad that you and Ginny are still together though. You two are perfect for each other. I will try and sort it out with him though, I promise.'

'Okay. Are you absolutely sure that you don't want to come back for Christmas? You'll get really bored here on your own.'

'I'll be fine Harry. Stop worrying about me. Anyway, we've got our NEWT's coming up soon and I want to get a head start. I have to do well in them. Also, I heard that Luna is staying for Christmas. I can hang around with her a bit.'

'Hermione. You're going to get top of the class in your NEWT's anyway. But if you insist your going to be fine, then okay. But I'll write to you often and you'd better write back! I'm sure you'll get a few Christmas presents from us as well.'

Studying was one of the reasons that she was staying, and also the fact that her parents had gone away skiing in the Alps with some old friends for Christmas. But the main reason was that Draco Malfoy was staying at Hogwarts for Christmas too. She had decided that she was going to try talk to him.

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