Dracos confession

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A/N: I know it's been like a year since I last updated and I wasn't planning on ever updating. But recently loads of people have been asking me to write a new chapter so here you go. Im sorry it's quite short, but more should be coming soon!

Hermione dropped to her knees and scrambled to pick up all the things that had tipped put of his bag, gushing about how sorry she was. Once she had gathered everything up, she went over to him to put the armful of stuff into his bag. He put his hand out as she went to stand up and she took it, feeling a shock of electricity jolt right through her at his touch. Her gaze met his and didn't break until her eyes were level with his. 'See you later, Granger' Draco said as he grabbed his bag and broom and went off down the hallway leaving hermione standing alone in the middle of the corridor, confused about that moment of electricity between them. She can't have been imagining it, can she?

At 5.30, Hermione sat down in the great hall with Luna as they ate dinner. Draco was sitting amongst all of the slytherins at their table. She kept stealing glances at him all evening, but none of them caught his eyes which were focussed on the food he was pushing around his plate with his fork.

7 o'clock came and hermione was sitting in her dorm room reading. She looked at her watch and noticed the time, still unsure whether to go to meet Draco or not. 5 minutes later she found herself standing by the wall into the room or requirements as the wall transformed into a large oak door with big brass handles. She pushed it open and went inside. It wasn't what she was expecting at all; the walls were bare and floor wooden. It was quite a large room but the only furnishings were the comfy looking cream sofa in the middle of the room, where Draco lounged casually.
'Hi' he said, when he noticed her and he patted the seat next to him for her to come and sit down.
'Hermione' he said once she had sat down, 'I need to tell you something'
Hermione's mind was whizzing through every different scenario of what he could be about to tell her.
'Ever since the first time I laid my eyes on you...' he started, and Hermione thought he was about to come out with some proclamation of love for her.
'I've wanted to fuck you. Hard.' Well that was not what she had expected.
'What!' she spluttered.
'There's just something about you that just draws me to you, no matter how hard I try to stay away'
Hermione couldn't quite believe what she was hearing. She just wanted to run and get lost in her favourite book, but this was the chance she had with Draco that she had been waiting for 6 years for. She decided to stay and hear why Draco had to say.
'Look, I know this is probably very unexpected, given our history. But I just feel like now is the best time to tell you this.'
'Draco, I...' hermione started, but she couldn't figure out what she wanted to say. So instead, she took her first instinct and ran back to the common room, got out her book and sat in a chair by the fireplace and read for hours, trying to get Draco off her mind.

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