Is it a spark?

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Straight after dinner, Hermione went up to her dormitory and gathered together a few things she might need for the bath, and put them into a bag.

When she got to the prefects bathroom, she changed the sign on the door to 'engaged' and flicked her wand to turn the taps on. Instantly, the taps began to pour out water, each tap a different colour and scent. Hermione took off her clothes and slipped into her bathrobe. Soon a large, warm, bubbly bath filled the marble bath.

She took off the bathrobe and slid into the bath. She waded over to the other side and sat down. She rested her head back and closed her eyes. Luna was right, it was really relaxing.

After about 5 minutes of just lying there, thinking things over in her head, she could swear she heard the door click open and then close. She looked up, saw nothing and lay back again. After another minute or so, she heard a splashing sound at the other end of the bath. Hermione opened her eyes and saw his blonde head. Draco Malfoy.

'What on earth are you doing in here, Malfoy?' she asked, suddenly feeling quite self-conscious.

She noticed that he still had his school shirt on. Knowing that there are many odd things about Draco, she decided not to ask.

'I felt like taking a bath, what's wrong with that?' he replied, a smug smile of his face.

'Didn't you see the engaged sign on the door? And besides, this a prefects bathroom. And you're not a prefect.' Hermione told him, trying not to sound too embarrassed; this was her second embarrassing encounter with him today.

'I did see the sign.'

'Then why did you come in? Get out!' Hermione shouted at him.

'You can't make me,' he said smoothly.

'Yes I can. I could-' she stopped abruptly. What could she do? She was naked, and her wand was on the other side of the room.


He shuffled over and sat down next to her. He put one of his hands to her neck and with the other hand started drawing circles with the the tips of his fingers, working their way towards her collarbone. When they reached it, he placed a soft kiss. His fingertips traced the way down her body, and stopped at her belly button. He placed another kiss on her collarbone.

Hermione pressed one of her arms against his side. He quickly placed one last kiss on her collarbone, and left her side. As he got out of the bath and changed, she looked away.

'I knew there was a reason you were in the restricted section earlier. You liked what you saw, didn't you?' he asked, with a smirk. 'Or at least, you liked what you saw before you saw it, if that makes any sense.'

He left, before Hermione could say anything back to him. She felt so embarrassed and quickly got out of the bath, got changed and hurried back to the common room. She didn't really feel like sitting downstairs with everyone, so she stayed in her dormitory. She was the only Gryffindor girl in her year left at Hogwarts; she had the whole dorm to herself.

Hermione took out the book that she was reading at the moment. It was a book that she had taken out of the library, as a bit of light reading. It was called The Fracture in Our World and it was about a half-blood girl who falls in love with a muggle boy who has a terminal illness. The girl tries to find a spell that would cure him. Hermione was about three quarters of the way through the book and she loved it and really wanted to finish it. But she loved it so much that she never wanted to finish it.

That night Hermione could hardly sleep. She lay, tossing and turning on her bed. Draco wouldn't leave her mind.

He was sitting on an armchair in the Slytherin Common Room, just thinking about things.

'Draco? Are you down there?' Pansy's voice came from the girls dormitory staircase. She stepped into the common room and walked over to Draco. She jumped onto his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck.

'Pansy, what are you doing?' Draco asked her.

'Want to have a bit of fun?'

'Im not really in the mood right now-'

'Lets go up to your dormitory; you're the only one left, aren't you?'

Pansy grabbed his wrist, jumped up and led him to his dormitory. When they were there, she started to unbutton his shirt. He leaped back to stop her, and buttoned them back up.

'Why won't you ever let me see you shirtless? What are you trying to hide?' Pansy asked him.

'Nothing. Why would I be trying to hide anything?'

'Fine. Okay.'

She started to fumble around with his trouser buttons and slipped them down, over his hips. Then she pulled her t-shirt off over her head and took her trousers off. Pansy pulled Draco into his bed and pinned him down. She slithered on top of him and started roughly kissing him.

Draco didn't really like Pansy and he never wanted to have this sort of relationship with her. He only did it because he was afraid of her. Draco gave in to his feelings and kissed her back. He felt bad; only a few hours ago he had been bathing half-naked with Hermione.

He thought Hermione would be just like any of the other girls he'd pursued before, but somehow she was different. She had a purity that none of the others had. Usually, girls would just let him touch them, and would give nothing back to him. When he was with Hermione, she had touched him back. That was why he had left so abruptly. He realised he had been wrong about her.

Draco couldn't believe himself; here he was in bed with Pansy, yet he was thinking about other girls.

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