part three not four!!

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"Charlotte," Justin was cooing in my ear at eight in the morning,"get up.Mass is in a hour." "I'm up," I strecthed my arms and legs.I rolled over on top of him,"I need to get ready." "Yes,you do," He mumbled.I got up and went to the bathroom.He had one of those,how do you you put it,HUGE closets in there.I had three drawers and two racks.He had gotten me clothes when I went to sleep.I saw my white tank top dress and the shoes and jacket from last night.I curled my hair and changed.He did his little thing with his hair and got dressed.White button down with a black tie."Church boy," I giggled."Yup," He grinned.

Ms.Pattie was sitting on the couch,waiting on us.She was pretty.We piled into the car."Remember-" Justin started to say."I'm a family friend from Canada," I smiled."Perfect," He chuckled.We pulled up to the Catholic church and bunches of people where there.   JermaineDupri,L.AReid,Usher,Kenny,Scooter,Christian,Uncle Robbie,Aunt Sandi, and Hayley.Justin opened the door and went inside.Me and Ms.Pattie got out and went in.When I met Justin inside,we went up to the front,did the Sign of the Cross, and sat down in the fifth pew.I was between Justin and Scooter,who I met last night.The Father came in and we prayed the Rosary.We had service and Communion.

We let out and went back to Justin's house.Aunt Sandi and Uncle Robbie told me that Caitlin was in Texas with Peyton till the eighth.Thank God.Aunt Sandi and Ms.Pattie made 'brunch' and we ate at 11.I went back to my room to change for the boat ride.Even though it was cold,it was a good day for a boat ride.I changed into jeans and a light blue long sleeve.I grabbed my jacket and waited outside with Justin for Christian and Uncle Robbie.I was so glad this neighboorhood was private.As soon as Uncle Robbie backed up in the driveway,we hopped in the backseat of the Hummer.Justin shut the door and slid right beside me.Threw his arm around me and sighed."What?" I asked."Nothing.Just everything is perfect," He whispered in my ear.I smiled and laid my head on the window.We pulled up to the river and got the boat in the water.It wasn't big and it wasn't small.It cost a fortune though.Justin helped me up on board and set me down."Charlotte," Uncle Robbie said,"Get me a water out of the fridge." There was an inside to this boat.Had a bed,tv,kitchen,and a bathroom.

I ran down,with Justin behind me,to get him a water,I threw it up,then shut the door back."What happened in the bathroom last night?" Justin eyed me."Well,I didn't want Beyonce or somebody like that to walk in on us!" I laughed."Oh,I wouldn't have cared.Now,Beyonce,on the other hand,could've joined," He winked."Sick perv," I smiled.We kissed for about a good 10 solid minutes.*BANG BANG BANG* We pulled back in shock.Christian was knocking on the door,"You guys can't stay cooped up inside!Get out!!Charlotte,we have something for you!!!" "Come on," I grabbed Justin's hand and went back up."Just a little birthday gift from me,Dad, and Mom," Christian handed me a box.I looked at it.It was big.I ripped the tape with Uncle Robbie's knife and opened the cardboard flaps.An iPhone 3GS and a Mackbook Air."You didn't have to do this," I blushed."We wanted too.We aren't going to see you for another week after tomorrow Charlotte," Uncle Robbie hugged me."I love you two," I hugged the both of them.Christian was happy that I liked it,but was more worried about what Justin was getting me,"What are you getting her?" "Suprises," Justin said with a sly smile.I was concerned with the "s" on the end.More than one gift?I sighed and let him just talk privately with the boys.

We finally went home after four hours on the water.Me and Justin packed clothes for me for the week.He had bought some other stuff I needed for the week.I was exsuasted from Mass,food,and the ride.I showered and slept in my own bed,for the first time in three nights,with Justin.

March 1,2010 The 16th bday party

JB Pov

I invited everyone I knew.Except for two people.You know who.Charlotte had slept till one in the afternoon.Had to wake her up.She was worried about tonight.She hadn't met my friends or family.Dad,Erin,and Jazzmyne were coming.Ryan,Chaz,Mitch,Sean, and Hayden were too.They got here last night.I was about to get dressed when Charlotte walked in,"Justin?" Oh God,that tone of voice.She's going to dump me."Baby?" I smiled,hoping she wouldn't do the thing I feared most."I'm nervous."

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