Part Eight(:

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JB Pov

  Charlotte was sleeping.She was so into it last night.Gave it her all.I chuckled and texted Ryan.He said he called a cab and took Annabelle home,then he came back to the house.I left for the bathroom to shower.I kissed Char's forehead.I showered and slid on pants.I climbed back in bed with Charlotte.

 I hummed and drummed my fingers against her sides.I just sat and waited for her to wake up.Her breath was calm and she was smiling in her sleep."Justin?" My mom opened the door? "Yeah Mom?" I whispered. "You need to get up you have concert tonight in L.A.," She closed the door."Fuck," I mumbled.Charlotte shifted in her sleep again and again.She started talking,"Justin!Help me!" I shook her shoulders,"Baby girl get up." She was sweating and gasping for breath,"What happened?" I touched her cheek,"Just a bad dream,girl.Shh.I've got a concert tonight.Rehearsals starting at twelve.Stay here please.Tonight is all you." Char blushed and ducked her head down.

 "Don't do that," I hugged her to my chest."Can't.Breath!" She hit my back."Look I want you to get ready around seven.But you stay in this bed till seven," I rubbed her arm."What if I have to pee?!Or eat?!I'm still naked," She whispered that last part.I laughed,"I have food for you.Ryan'll bring it up." She sat up,"Ugh." "What's wrong?" I asked."I'm not going to be able to see you for the entire day!" She laid her head on my shoulder."I'll call and text," I played with her hair."Nuh-uh.Stay here please," She begged.I laid back down on my back.Charlotte rolled over on top of me under the covers."Well rehearsal does start at noon," I trailed off."Uh huh," She smiled against my neck."I don't really have to be there now.So I'm staying with you till noon," I rubbed her lower back."I should dress," She got up and slid on her shorts and a shirt.She jumped back in and kissed my neck."Stop.You're making me horny," I tried to NOT jump her.She looked up,"Really now?" "Yes," I winked.

  "Well.I'll stop then," Charlotte put her head on my chest.I reached over and grabbed my camera,"Smile." I felt her smile and took the picture.Char took the camera out of my hands and looked at it,"Cute.But you need to get up and get on that plane." I huffed,"Shut it.You can come." "Yes!" She giggled.Charlotte stood up and walked to the bathroom with one of those t-shirt dresses she's in love with and her purple Vans I got her that day we went to the mall.The dress was white.

 She came back out and hugged me,"I love you." "Me too," I put my hand in hers and led her downstairs to meet Mom and Ryan.Mom was sitting on the couch,"Finally!" I laughed and got in the car.Charlotte sat up front with Mom.I sat in the back with Ryan.

 Charlotte Pov

 Jeez this plane ride is boring.I leaned over and asked,"Can we play music on this thing?" Justin laughed,"Here." He had handed me his iPod.I plugged it in one of those Bose Sound System things.I turned on Cupid Shuffle.Ms.Pattie jumped up and started doing the dance with me.Ryan got in too.Justin sighed and jumped up."To the right,to the right,to the right,to the right," We all sang.We danced all flight till we had to land.

 Justin practiced and then we had fun.He took us to meet the Lakers.Lamar Odom is huge!So is Kobe Bryant.Then Perez Hilton saw us walk by from a Starbucks.He caught up with us,"Justin!"


 "Sup Singer." 

 Justin smiled and introduced us."Hi," Perez stuck out his hand.I shook his hand,"Hi.I heard you on the radio.Thanks." "No prob," He shrugged.He asked for a picture and accepted.He thanked us and went on his way.

 Justin's concert was amazing!Some girls in the front row were yelling at him to bring me on stage.I heard and shook my head no.Justin told these girls one second and he threw me over his shoulders.I screamed at him to put me down."Nope," He said into the microphone.I blushed.He set me down and laughed,"Come babe.Smile!" I shook my head and covered my face in his shoulder."Come on.One smile.That's all I'm asking Char," He tried to get me to look.The crowd laughed and a few cussed.I smiled against his shoulder,"Does that work?" "Noo baby girl.You have to look at me.Then I'll be fine.Come on.Smile.Let's go," He coaxed me.I looked up at him and smiled,"Happy?" He latched onto my waist,"Very." He took the microphone away from his mouth and kissed me.Awes and gasps come from the crowd of about 10,000.I pulled back and hid again."I love you Charlotte," Justin mumbled into my ear.

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