part nine:)

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Paris.March 23 2010 six pm Charlotee's outfit -

 "Justin.Thank you," I clutched his waist when our car passed the Eiffel

Tower."Nothing to it," He laughed."Don't spoil her!" Mom yelled from the back.We both giggled and waited for the car to pull to the hotel.Scooter said the label was paying for everything on this trip.The freaking Ritz.Really?My poor ass will look like shit in here.I tapped Justin's knee,"Babe.This is too much." "Label is paying for it," He looked at my lips."Not in the car," I mumbled. 

  I wheeled my suitcase out the car."Madam?" A man with a French accent asked."Oui?" I blushed.Damn straight I took French in school."Bags?" He gestured towards my suitcase."Yeah," I smiled.Justin was grinning at me,"You know French?" I nodded,"One more thing you didn't know about me." He looked down at my shoes,"Je t'aime." "Je t'aime trop," I stuck my tounge out.

 We checked in and the 13 people that traveled to Paris with us were seperated into rooms.Me,Justin, and Pattie were in a room.DJ Tay James,Ryan Good,Dan Kankter, and kenny in one.Legaci in another.Scooter,Carin, and Jenny had their own.Mom opened our door and we picked beds.Two singles and one queen."We can keep the singles and Mom you can have the big bed," Justin set our bags on one of the singles.

 A massive text was text was sent though the crew.

 *BIG NEWS* Dinner tonight at La Roux around seven {A/N Fake restaurant.Lol don't try to look it up.} Dress clothes please!Justin no Supras!Charlotte and Pattie enforce this as much as possible. Scooter & Carin<3

  "Justin!Did you read that?!" Mom yelled."Yes maam!" He moaned.I laughed."What's so funny?" He slung his arms around my waist."You are." I giggled some more.He laughed and then kissed me.Mom walked in ,then walked back out.I pulled back,"Je t'aime." "Je t'aime," He sighed.At 6:30 I started getting ready.I slid on my outfit I picked out with Mom at Macy's.( I walked out the bathroom.Mom and Justin were already dressed and sitting on the couch.Justin stood up first,"You look gorgeous,Charlotte." Mom's jaw was on the floor,"Justin?Give me your camera and stand beside her." I blushed.Justin gave her the camera and stood beside me.I was still shorter than he was.I'm five feet on ground and in these heels,I'm 5'4 while Justin was 5'6.I smiled and slid my arm around his waist and Justin put his arm on my shoulder. 

  We ate diner and the place was very fancy and crap.I couldn't read most of the menu.Justin had to tell the dude what I wanted.Me and him left early with Kenny a few feet behind us.Some tape had blocked off the Eiffel Tower."What's going on?" I mumbled and ran over.Justin smiled,"I'm preforming under there tomorrow." I turned around and hugged him,"Congrats!" He laughed,"I'm doing it for you." "What'd your mom say?" I giggled."Don't spoil Charlotte," He shook his head.I hugged him again.He didn't pull away for a few minutes.He started humming and it turned into singing,

 Only if you give, give the first dance to me

Girl I promise I'll be gentle

I know we gotta do it slowly

If you give, give the first dance to me

I'm gonna' cherish every moment

Cuz it only happens once once in a lifetime

Everybody says that we look cute together

Let's make this a night the two of us remember

No adults around to see us dancing close

I'm telling you our parents will never know

Before the lights go up

And the music turns off

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