part 5(:

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 "Justin!" I rolled over on him."What baby?" He rubbed his eyes."I'm up!" I giggled."Cute," He mumbled and grinned.

 Justin Pov

Damn.She was even beautiful in the morning.She had on my striped shirt,my white jacket and her underwear.We were going to the beach today.Charlotte was smiling at me.It's going to be a bitch in June when I tour.I'm going to miss her soo much.I wanted her to go with me,but that wouldn't be fair to Christian.But he'd be in the eighth grade.He'd play football and get girls,while his best friend is off sitting in a freaking hotel room with his girlfriend and Jenny,the tutor.

 "Charlotte.I'll miss you," I hugged her to my chest."What?" She was about to cry."The tour that lasts from June 2010 to March 2011.I don't wanna take your life at school away from you," I pulled her closer.She sighed,"It's called webcam,cell phones,and isn't there a break inbetween that much amount of time?" "There is time,but not enough Char," I kissed her hair.

 "Maybe I could go with you.You know,keep you company.I have no life at school.I was a nobody till Kaleb.Now Kaleb's gone," She frowned against my chest."But that wouldn't be fair to my friends," I rubbed her back."But do they have lives at school?Christian and Hayley are somebody at the middle school.I was never that," She sniffed,"I was the charity case." I kissed her hair,forehead,neck and then her lips."It's okay," I said,when I got through.She sat up,"So.Boss what we going to do today?" I laughed,"Beach." She put her nose to mine,"Awesome."  

Charlotte Pov

 I got ready for our day.Purple and white striped bikini and a white sundress.Opening the door,I saw a laptop open,showing a paused video.I unpuased it."Hey baby," It was Justin.He had made when I slept."Um,I got lost.Find me?" He winked and it stopped.Red arrows were taped to the floor.I follwed them to the elevator.No arrow in there,but when I got to the lobby,there was.The line of them went outside.I followed them to the basketball court.A little mixed boy,about nine,was there,"Are you Charlotte?" "Yes," I smiled."I'm Braxton.Justin told me to give you a clue when you made a shot," Braxton handed me a ball.I backed up and shot it.Missed.Tried again,missed."Third time's the charm," I smiled.Nothing but net!

 "Here you go," He handed me a paper.He stood there and I opened it.~How many times did it take for you to get it in?Tell me when you find me.But for right now,follow Braxton.He's a son of an employee.Great kid.oxoxJustin.~ Braxton grabbed my hand,"Charlotte,your very beautiful." "Thank you Braxton," I laughed."Justin said you'd be pretty.But your far from it," He joked.I blushed,"Well,I try." He led me to a pool,"Allie will take you from here." Allie was a native,she was ten,"Hi Charlotte."

 "Hi," I smiled.She was adorable!She took me to one of the beaches,"They all connect.Follow the blue arrows on the trees." She left and I followed the trees.The cameras were flashing on me.Soon enough the trees with arrows turned into rocks with arrows.I still followed.Then came two huge guys."Charlotte?" One of them asked."Yes?" I smiled."Follow us." 

 I followed and tripped almost five times.A little opening in the rocks came up.Had a punch keypad.One of the buff dudes keyed the code in.The gate opened,"Go in and just follow to curves." I walked in and did what I was told.I found a tiny beach surrounded by high rocks.I felt arms slide around my waist,"Do you like it?" "It's beautiful," I sighed."Nah," He kissed my neck.

 I twisted myself around and giggled,"Thank you." "Thought it be perfect to swim," Justin grabbed my hand and drug me to the water,"It's warm." "Wait," I took off my sundress.He brought a ball,"Wanna play two man football?" I knew how to play.Who ever has the ball has to run to the other end and not get tackled.My end was the sand and his the water.

He threw the ball at me.I caught it and ran.I heard water splash and took off faster.I felt like Mark Ingram (Roll Tide Roll Tide!) running away from the other team's defense."Touchdown for Beadles!" I ran over to him."Congrats Heisman winner," He caught me and swung me around.

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