"Hey Amy, can you come explain this real quick?" Rydel asked "yeah what is...... Oh those..... What do you want to know about them?" Rydel right now was pointing at her laptop. There has been some pictures taken of Brad and I together and people think we're dating. I was kind of hoping I wouldn't have to explain that to Riker. " Well some out of context pictures have been taken of Brad and I and they're all over the internet! I was just gonna stay off that topic and hope Riker never saw it." "Amy you need to tell Riker because if he finds out first he's gonna be so mad" "Yeah I know..... I just....... I don't know, ill go tell him now, you just......stay here I'll be back." So I got up and started making my way to Rikers room. When I got to his door I just stood there for a minute but decided it was now or never. I stepped into Rikers room and saw Riker sitting there on his phone. "Hey whatcha looking at?" "Oh you wanna know what I'm looking at, I think you already know dontcha huh? Do you just go around dating one guy after another Amy, I thought you were the kind of girl that didn't do that. I thought........ I don't even know what I actually thought.........just get out and.......and....don't talk to me." "Riker wait these pictures are out of cont------" "Amy get out now" Riker said in the meanest way I've ever heard. He grabbed me so hard on my wrists that now one of them has a mark. "So are.....are we......over?

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