When I got home after dinner last night at the Lynch house I went straight to bed. I know I slept on the plane but for some reason I was still so tired! When I woke up I went downstairs and everyone was gone even my dog. There was a note on the counter so I walked over and it said " Dear Bethany went to the vet you slept too long and we were running late. Love mom" . I sighed to myself as I trudged back upstairs to start unpacking. I didn't get much done before I heard a knock at the door. I walked downstairs and looked through the peephole, It was Rydel Lynch. "Hello" Rydel said when I opened the door "Hey what's up?" I asked "Nothing my mom wanted me to bring over these 'Welcome to the Neighborhood' cookies" " Oh thank y'all so much would you like to come in?" I asked "Sure why not" Rydel said while I stepped back letting her come into my vacant home. "My bedroom is upstairs to the first left, I'll meet you up there" I said "Okay thanks" "You're welcome". I let Rydel go to my room while I got us some orange juice. When I came up the stairs and into my room I saw her looking at my picture collage hung up on my wall. "That was from in Florida" I said making her jump "Gosh!! you scared me!" "Sorry!" I said making my way around the maze of boxes and to my bed. "Not a lot to do round here right now because we have no cable or internet yet!" I said "Oh no that's fine that means we have time to talk and get to know each other better!" Rydel replied. After hours of talking, laughing, and goofing off her phone went off. "My mom says I have to go home, here enter you're number to my phone and I'll text you later" Rydel said giving me her phone and she did the same to mine.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 week later-----------------------------

I'm very proud to say the Lynch family are my bestfriends. My only friends but the best I've ever had! Tonight they invited me over for dinner at they're house at 6:00. It was 5:15 and I decided to go ahead and get ready. I hopped in the shower and I hopped out, I blew dry my hair then brushed it through and throwing it in a ponytail. I wore a blue tanktop with jeans and my converse. I then added light natural makeup then grabbed my phone charger and phone then headed out the door. On the way down the stairs I yelled "Okay mom I'm leaving now love you" "okay sweetie love you too" my mom replied. I went to their house ate dinner and had a blast at 11:30 I decided it was a good time to head home. "Okay I think it's time for me to go" "NOOO" everybody yelled at me "Im sorry I'll be back tomorrow but it's late and I'm tired" "Just spend the night, you could stay in my room! PLEASE!?" Rydel asked/begged. "Okay I'll be back in a few with my bag"

*Rikers pov*

Tonight Bethany was spending the night and inside I was happy I mean who wouldn't she's nice, smart, and beautiful. And I do have a crush on her she is a very attractive girl! But before I even think of asking her out I want to get to know her better and have some time to talk or hang out together. Im sure Rydel wouldn't mind I mean she's the awesomest sis ever! But I'll wait till I'm positive I'm gonna ask Bethany out before I talk to Rydel.


Hiya everybody. I hope you are liking my crappy book. It will get better. If my writing gets better that is. I'm just joking, Maybe.

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