1 month later:
I have recently been talking with Bradley Simpson from The Vamps. He's fun to hang out and talk with. I think Riker has been acting very strange ever since I started talking to him.
Riker walked up to me and wrapped his arms around me and said "So what are you doing today?" "Noth------ RING RING sorry I'll be right back"
It was Brad who was calling me. Amy:Hello Brad:Hey Amy, what are you doing later? Amy:Nothing, what are you doing? Brad:Well me and the boys are going Bowling we were just wondering if you wanted to come too Amy:Ok sure, what time should I meet you? Brad: 2:00 is fine Amy:Ok, see you then, Bye.
"Hey Riker I'm going bowling with Brad and the boys, wanna come?" "With Brad? No I'm good ,have fun" "Umm okay bye" I said after I grabbed my phone, keys, and purse then headed out the door toward my car

Super short update. I just didn't know what to say

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