Riker and I just got married and he carried me out of the place bridal style and into the car. We were sitting down just talking about the wedding and everything when Rydel, out of nowhere just shouts this out. 'Riker you better stay away from Bethany tonight you can't have anymore babies you already got 1 coming!'
Everybody started laughing including him and I blushed a deep red but I tried to laugh it off even though it did mean Riker and i would permanently share a bed together which made this particular little lady a little anxious for tonight. It's not weird, it's normal now, cause I'm a married lady.

We arrived at the beach and found a parking spot and walked out there with everybody else and started talking to family members and accepting congratulations and BLAH blah. Soon we all gathered around to eat some food while the parents and Riker said speeches. After Stormie and Mark said theirs Riker walked up and he instantly looked at me and I knew it was probably going to be very sweet and sad so I got out my tissue (everybody already changed into extra clothes) just in case. He cleared his throat and began, ' I knew from that very first day I met Bethany that I wanted to be her girlfriend. I did, and yes of course as a teenage boy I've been in a relationships before but nobody ever made me feel as good or loved as Bethany did. After finally getting up the courage to ask her out and we went on our first date that was when I knew I wanted to be with her for the rest of my life. And when tragedy occurred and she felt horrible I was there for her every step of the way. So please go by and lay the roses down on her parents graves that the owners have provided for Bethany's sake and her parents. I know that she wanted her parents to be here today and although not in a physical form, they are here and are looking down at their beautiful little girl and are so proud of her. Bethany I'm so happy that our beautiful baby is coming and very excited that it's not 1 it's twins! A boy and girl, So anyway thank you for coming and let's eat!' Man was I crying after that! Riker came up to me and took my hand and lead me to the sand on the beach. I took off my shoes after I realized that we were taking a walk. He obviously wanted to talk about something so I didn't question why but I kept walking instead. 'Well Riker that was a very sweet speech and thank you for the roses thing for my parents that's great! I just wish they would be like standing in the crowd or at the end of the aisle looking down at me...... And Riker I just miss them so much'

'Hey, look, I know. Don't get upset your parents are always with you in your heart and looking down on you all the time. And today's not the day to be upset because it's our wedding! We just got married Beth...... Don't cry, ok? Especially because I have something to tell you'
I dried up my tears and looked up at him 'yeah? And what's that?'

'Well why don't you look yourself'

'Ok then I guess I will' taking an envelope out of his hand. I undid the fold and opened it up, 'WERE GOING TO ____ FOR OUR HONEYMOON!!!'

'Yep! I'm guessing your excited!'

'Yeah I am!!'

And that's when things got a little crazy, I accidentally fell into him and pushed him into the water and he popped up with his hair stuck to his face looking all cute and pulled me in too. So there we were both soaking wet in the water just looking at each other laughing. I leaned and in and kissed him on the lips and so did he. Eventually we got attached to each other and pushing each of us deeper into the water still connected. The kiss was getting more rough and more deep and at just the right moment someone shouts our names. 'Bethany, Riker!'
It was Rydel standing there shouting our names looking at is with a stern look. 'People are looking for you and so I come to find you and when I do your about to get down and dirty in the water. Now get out and dry off. I was blushing a deep red and while Riker kept looking at me smirking.

So you'll figure out where the honeymoon is later but for now use your imagination and guess. I hope you liked the chapter and comment and vote please. Thx for reading, -Bri

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