I have been avoiding Riker. I used to feel miserable. But I'm not anymore. If he wants to be like this, to put me in all of this pain, making me physically hurt myself is not okay. I was so in love. My heart would always speed up every time we said 'I love you', whenever he touched me I got butterflies, and when things got heated ( not too far) I felt like the greatest girl in the world. Everyday I would look at those pictures of just me and Brad hugging, just saying goodbye, thinking 'that's it good job Beth you've ruined it, you're such an idiot and you messed it all up'. But I'm not miserable. I am surrounded by the best, most kindhearted people ever and I feel so loved. I still love Riker. I really do but maybe fate planned this a little differently. That's what I was thinking when my thoughts were disturbed by a knock on my door. 'Hey Beth, it's me Rydel..... can I come in? I really need to talk to you' Rydel asked me 'Yeah come on in but don't be too disturbed on what you see, I haven't actually gotten ready for the day yet' I laughed as she came inside opening her arms for a hug. 'Are you still sad? I really don't want you to be because Riker is pretty miserable, he misses you terribly. I just can't believe that mark is still there from where he grabbed you. I swear I'll kill him' Rydel asked me 'Well no not really. I mean your family is being so great about it, not making anything awkward.... And well.... I feel fine, as if nothing happened. Yes I am upset that he flipped out over a stupid picture of me hugging and kissing Brad's cheek but.... I don't know I never really thought doing that was bad. Just a goodbye hug. Nobody's ever done it to me before so I'm not really sure if the way he flipped out was necessary or not. But is Riker that upset about it?' I said feeling a little joy knowing that he really is still thinking about me. 'Yeah he is pretty hung up. He's been talking to Rocky about it the most, but Rocky has been telling me everything so I know all the juicy gossip! But seriously I think you should talk to h------' Rydel said as someone knocked but instantly opened the door making me see Riker standing in the doorway looking like he hasn't slept in years. Maybe the pictures were bad?! 'Oh hey Rydel I didn't know you were over here but Beth can I talk to you outside for a minute? Please....' Riker asked as I saw him looking at me with this look like if-you-don't-I-will-die-in-pain face. 'Uhh sure but let my grab some shoes' I replied grabbing my slippers beside my bed. I walked into the backyard awkwardly following Riker. When he got outside he walked to the picnic table near the back and sat down. He patted the seat next to him asking to sit down. I walked over and sat down next to Riker staring out into the woods. After a few minutes Riker said 'So it's been a week since we broke up and to be honest it was very dumb. I mean it was just a picture of you kissing his cheek and telling him bye. I don't even understand why I flipped out so much. I think it's because I just fricking love you so much I couldn't bear to see you with someone else. I thought before you came along I was living the life of a teenage boy all right. Being popular and everything but I had it all wrong. Being with you is what makes me happy. What makes me get jealous so easily. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I messed real bad. I thought that that hug could lead to something more. But Beth, you're not that kind of girl, I know you're not. And I want you to be mine again. I want to go to sleep tonight saying yes Beth's mine and I love her so much. So please can you give me another chance?' I was kind of shocked. I didn't know he really felt like that. I guess we really were in love, and still are. 'Riker of coarse! I really do love you too. So much and if I saw pictures of you doing that to another girl I probably would have acted the same. So yes I'll give this a try again. On one condition though. We can't let jealousy get to us. If we are really in love, nothing will break through us. And that if we give this another try we have to be honest with each other. If you feel jealous, or anything tell me and I'll fix it. Because I love you so much that I'll give this as many chances as we need.' I said to Riker as I saw his eyes light up and he leaned in and kisses me so passionately like he's never done before. I was living in the moment it was so cute, so romantic, and I felt sick. But in a good way. Like those butterflies in my stomach just wanted to bounce around everywhere and my heart was beating so hard you could hear it across the street. I started fiddling with Rikers fingers as he told me 'I'm so happy you forgive me! How about tonight we go out and watch a movie' ' yeah sure what tim-----' I said as I got cut off by Riker staring at my wrist. 'Did I do this to you Beth?' 'Yeah when you grabbed me it left a little mark but it's okay' ' I'm so sorry I shouldn't have grabbed you that hard. But I'll pick you up at 6:30. See you then Beth. Love you bye....' Riker said as I turned after him pecking him in the cheek then running into my house to get ready.

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