Chapter 6

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    Oliver was running around the bridge, asking people for help. Bumping into several animals, he finally found someone who had a bridge service vest on. "Excuse me miss?" The worker turned down at Oliver and gave him a warm smile. "Yes dear?" 

  "That paper up there-" Oliver pointed at the note "- Is very important and we need to get it as soon as possible. Can you help us?" The employee warily looked at Oliver and back up at the note. "Honey, where are your parents?" Oliver stared at this woman, bewildered. "I'm an adult Ma'am. I'm here with my- er, a friend. " The woman went wide eyed. "I'm sorry! I just thought-
Nevermind. You two can climb the ladder on the pillar. If you can't reach it, I'm sorry but there will be no more I can do for you." Oliver nodded his thanks, turning to find Cyber in the mob of animals. 

    "Cyber!" Oliver scanned the bridge, finally looking at the note again. As he looked, he caught a glimpse of grey fur. He ran to the bottom of the pillar, looking up for Cyber. He spotted the dire Wolf climbing the ladder, oblivious to Oliver's attempts to get his attention. "CYBER!" Oliver yelled louder this time. Cyber looked down, almost losing his footing as he did so. Oliver winced. "What shortstack?! I'm trying to get the note!!" 

  "I know! Just be careful, one wrong move and you're done for!" As much as Oliver wanted to believe he didn't care, he couldn't help but worry while Cyber was up there. Cyber climbed down and met Oliver. "What's it say?" oliver asked, trying to look at the note. "I'm not sure, it's all smeared. Almost like- lipstick?" Cyber moved his hand from the note and revealed that his paw pads and some fur had red lipstick stains on them. "Let me see it, maybe I can make it out." Cyber handed Oliver the smeared note. After examining the note for a couple minutes, Oliver sighed. "All I can make out is, save her  ______ ____ r_n_  out. The note is too smeared to make out anythin' else. " Oliver sat on the ground, promptly grunted and moving his tail beside him. 

   Cyber ignored Oliver and stared at the note for a long while. "What are you doing? There isn't any point in trying to make out anymore letters." He seemed to get gloomier with every word. 
Walking away from Oliver, Cyber walked around the bridge, thinking of what the note might say. 

  Oliver got up after about 20 minutes of waiting for Cyber to return. "Darlin', we outta head back, the sun is settin'!" Oliver yelled to Cyber, who was a few yards away from Oliver. "Calm down gremlin I'm coming!" Cyber jogged over to join Oliver, and they went back to the apartment. 

  Throwing himself on the couch, Cyber groaned holding up the note. "We need to figure out what this means."  

"I know, but first we should clear our minds!!" 

"What do you mean?" 

"Disney movie marathon!!" Oliver bounded into the living room, arms full of candy and snacks. Cyber rolled his eyes whilst smirking. "Fine, but after-" 

"I know I know! We have to figure out what the note means blah blah blah--"  Cyber nodded. "Now give me those sour gummy worms!" Oliver hissed and ate a handful. "Mine!" Cyber gasped as Oliver struggled to turn on The Little Mermaid and eat gummy worms. 

A/N- Guys I'm so sorry for the slow updates!! I write and then I lose motivation for months on end, it's super fucking annoying. Anyway I y'all enjoy this, sorry it's a lil short!!!

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