chapter 2

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   Oliver watched the clock intently. He had been waiting for Puffin to let him know Creme was okay. Oliver checked his phone, he still had no new messages. Taking a large gulp of his rum, he scanned the club for the waitress he was eyeing earlier. I need to stop worrying, Puffin is probably just scolding Creme, or is being held up by Brandy. But... What if something was wrong and he was just acting as a sitting duck? 

   Oliver groaned, getting up. He stumbled slightly at the sudden motion, the room swaying. Travis, the owner of NIghtlight, ran over to him. "Woah there buddy! Slow down, you've had too much to drink." Oliver made a poor attempt to shoo him away, but to no avail. Travis brought him to his office and sat him down. "Stay here, I'm going to get you some water." He pat Oliver on the head, to which Oliver growled in response. Travis laughed, and left to fetch the water. Oliver sat up from his slouched position on the chair, and his mind drifted back to Creme. 

   No, He thought. He was not going to let his emotions get in the way again.  Last time I let emotions get in the way, trust and relationships were destro- His thoughts were interrupted by Travis, who swung the door open with his foot. "Okay so, I got a bunch of drinks that are supposed to help sober you up!"  He smiled at Oliver, who glared back. "Travis I don't need to be babysat I'm an adult." Oliver hissed. "A very short adult with no self control at all." Travis shrugged and shoved a drink into Oliver's hand. "Travis I told yo-" Travis rolled his eyes. "Drink it dumbass."

  Oliver stuck his tongue out at him, but obliged. Downing the drink, which from the taste he assumed was punch. He put his hand out signaling for Travis to give him the next one. Travis hummed cheerfully, and gave Oliver all the drinks until he was sober enough to where he wasn't  as grumpy.

    "So what's wrong lil' lion?" Travis questioned. Oliver looked at his feet, and gave a barely audible, "Creme's missing." Travis smiled in sympathy. Oliver didn't want pity. But, to Oliver's dismay, instead of giving some speech about how he'd 'be there for him, and 'it'll be okay' his face suddenly went blank and all he said was, "Don't do anything stupid." How did he- 

"See you around," Oliver nodded, and Travis left him in the office. 

-423 words 

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