Chapter 1

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   Oliver sat in the corner of the nightclub Nightlight, his usual bottle of rum in his hand. The club seemed quieter tonight, whispers and hostile looks constantly being thrown in Oliver's direction. He was admiring a waitress at the far end of the club, when Puffin Marksai blocked Oliver's view of the waitress. "Hey! I was lookin' over there! Can you like, move?!" Oliver whined, trying to look over Puffin's shoulder. " We need to talk." He stared at Oliver like the reason was obvious. Oliver looked at him, searching in his eyes for some sort of answer. What is he talking about..? "What do ya want jackass?" Puffin just rolled his eyes in response, grabbing Oliver's wrist and trying to drag him away.

"What the fu-?!" Oliver grabbed the bottle of rum and let Puffin drag him to a bathroom. "Puffin this is neither the time nor place-" Puffin looked at him like he was insane. "Oliver get your head out of the gutter!" Oliver was about to reply, but Puffin put a hand up, signaling for him to be quiet. Puffin looked around before returning his attention back to the fennec fox. The look in his eyes was a mixture of fear and agitation. "Creme is missing." Oliver took a second to register, but when he did his face drained of color, and he could feel a numbness spread through his body. "what do ya mean she's-"

"Oliver don't panic. She might have just gotten too drunk and passed out on the street."


"Look I'm only telling you because you seem to be the only one who ever knows where she is. Do you know?" Oliver just stared at him, his brain going a million miles a second trying to think of where she could be. "The last time I saw her she was at Brandy's." He finally answered, in little more than a whisper. Puffin nodded and started out, but Oliver grabbed his wrist. Puffin looked back down at him, and to his dismay saw tears threatening to slip down Oliver's face. " Tell me if you find her.." He whispered, his eyes were pleading, and he pulled away from Puffin. Oliver's expression showed mixed emotions, but it said enough. "I will," he promised. With that, Puffin slipped out of the bathroom. Oliver wiped his tear filled eyes and walked over to the sink. He gripped the rim of the sink, looking into the mirror, cursing himself for possibly letting something happen to Creme. Silent tears escaped his eyes and he hung his head, drowning in his thoughts.

Oliver hissed at his appearance when he looked back into the mirror. His mascara had run down his face and his eyeshadow was ruined. As he attempted to fix his makeup, he couldn't help but worry about Creme. What if something horrendous had happened to her? What if he was the one who had put her in this situation? As he reapplied his lipgloss, his mind traveled to his childhood.


Oliver and Creme sat in the bathroom, Creme lightly pressing a damp rag to a cut on Oliver's cheek. "You really need to stop getting into these fights," She said softly, looking over Oliver. He had a black eye, a scrape on his leg, and a cut on his cheek. "Pfft, it's not like anyone cares what I do..!" Oliver retorted, his face twisted into confusion and spite. "I do! I can't have you going and getting hurt every time you step outside, who would open the pickle jar for me?" Creme waved her hands for a dramatic effect. Oliver had to hold back a laugh at this. Creme had a way of getting what she wanted. "True." Creme hummed in agreement, still pressing the cloth onto Oliver's face. "We should take an oath." Oliver decided. Creme looked at him quizzically, and Oliver just shrugged, a stupid grin plastered on his face. "I saw it on a movie." Creme mouthed an 'ohh' and motioned for him to continue. "Repeat after me," Creme nodded excitedly, " I vow to always have your back, no matter what." Creme repeated Oliver, and they both laughed.


Oliver shook his head, clearing the memory. He needed to stop focusing on the past so much.. He laughed at his self-pity, and decided that Creme wouldn't want him to overreact and do something stupid like last time. Oliver then, walked out of the bathroom with his usual cocky smirk painted onto his face, a facade that he had to put on. There were too many people that would use it to their advantage if they saw him this vulnerable.

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