chapter 3

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   The morning after, Oliver woke up in the office again. He attempted to get up, but was struck with a wave of nausea. Feeling his insides creeping their way up his stomach, he ran out of the office to the bathroom. After emptying his stomach, he stumbled over to the bar. He grabbed some peanuts and water, and when he finished them, he wiped his mouth and sauntered out of the club and onto the busy streets of New York City. 

     While he was sobering up, Oliver had decided to go find Creme. He didn't care if it was stupid or irrational, he needed to find the only family he had. He headed down to Central Park, hoping to find her hanging around her usual bench. Though when he scanned the area, he didn't find her. Maybe she's at the apartment.. And so he went to his apartment. No trace of Creme. He went to her room, trying to find some clue as to where she might be. As he searched, he found a sticky note on her window. Curious, he took it. Reading it, his darkest thoughts were proven correct. We have the girl. If you want her back, find her father. The note was clear: Find her dad, find Creme. 

  He called Puffin, letting him know he wouldn't be reachable for a couple days. When he asked why, Oliver had only replied, "If I'm not back in four days, alert the police. Tell them to look at the old movie theater downtown." Then he hung up, heading to Attica correctional Facility, a maximum Security Prison in Attica. He went down to the subway station, and bought a ticket. He boarded and was on his way to get Creme back. 

   When he arrived at the prison, his phone and wallet were confiscated. He was fine with that, he knew he'd get it back after he talked to Creme's dad, Damian. Oliver sat down and asked to visit Damian, but after ten minutes of waiting, a guard told him Damian was released two weeks ago. Leaving, the reality of the situation sunk in. If Damian had been released, he could be anywhere. Cursing, he called Cyber. Though they weren't on the best of terms since the 'accident', he was good at tracking people. After four rings, he picked up. "What do you want Midget?" Cyber growled. "Listen darlin', I don't wanna talk to you anymore than ya wanna talk to me, but I gotta situation." Cyber scoffed. "What, did you lose your bitch hormone pills?" Oliver was pretty annoyed at this point, but he didn't have anyone else. "Just meet me at Central Park in 20," Oliver hissed, and hung up. He wasn't looking forward to working with his ex, but he really didn't want to drag anyone into this mess. 

   Oliver strolled into Central park, and chose a spot where if anything happened no one would see. After a few minutes Oliver spotted the dire wolf walking toward him. He waved him over, and once he was sitting down, Oliver got right to the point. "So, Creme is Missin'.. I found a note in her room," He handed Cyber the note. " But when I went to go ask Damian where the hell Creme was, I was told he was released two weeks ago." Cyber looked at him, asking if there was anymore. "I need ya to track em' down." Cyber snorted, visibly amused. "You called me all the way down her to track that garbage?" Oliver slowly nodded, confused as to if it was a trick question.

    Cyber chuckled as he reached into his backpack and pulled out his laptop. He logged on and went to some fancy tracking app thing, looking up Damian Solch. "Hey short stack we gotta problem." Oliver's eyebrows knitted together, "What'd you mean 'we gotta problem'?" Cyber showed him the screen. All the different commands were foreign to Oliver, who looked at Cyber like he was crazy. "English please," Cyber rolled his eyes and motioned to the screen "Do you see an icon for Damian Solch?" Olier scanned the screen and shook his head. "Exactly. Whatever he has is blocking my server." 

"Is there any other way to find out where he is?"
"Yeah, it's called look around New York!" His voice was dripping with sarcasm, which Oliver picked up on. "Well then I need a partner, this beauty doesn't make itself!" Oliver waved his arms over his body.  Oliver smirked and Cyber just lightly shoved him away, grabbing his backpack and slinging it over his shoulder. "But just so we're clear, this does not mean I like you." Cyber glared at Oliver, who made an offended gasp and cupped Cyber's cheek in his paw. "Course not darlin'. Oh and your tail is wagging," Oliver laughed while Cyber looked behind him at his tail. "This is going to be a long week.." He grumbled. Lets hope it doesn't end up like last time...

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