Chapter 5

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   When Oliver woke up, Cyber was still snoring beside him. Great, now I have to wake up the grumpy dire wolf. Oliver grumbling curses under his breath, nudged Cyber, "Wake up darlin'~" Cyber growled softly and swatted Oliver's hand away. " Come on Sugar you gotta get up-" Oliver shook him a little harder, to which Cyber responded with a snarl and a "fine asshole." Oliver flashed a small smile and got out the bed. Cyber followed, but with a slowness. 

     Cyber fished out his phone and checked the time. "Hey shortstack we gotta go, 5 more minutes and we'll be charged an extra night." Oliver groaned slightly, mumbled something about wanting coffee or whiskey. Oliver swung his head back, revealing his choker he always wore, no matter what. I wonder what that's all abo- "Take a picture, it'll last longer." Oliver hissed. "Woah there gremlin, calm down. Lets go," Oliver moaned dramatically, waving his arms around. "Oh come on it's not that bad." Cyber chuckled. "Yes it is!! I liked my dream, it was-"Oliver paused," well, it was just a dream..." Cyber looked at Oliver quizzingly, but he just shook his head a gave a sad smile. "It's fine doll, let's go." 

  Oliver lead the way through NYC, to his run down apartment building. He actually lives like this? Cyber thought distractedly. "Come oN!! I don' wanna go up by myself!" Oliver whined, standing in front of an open elevator. Cyber smirked at Oliver's childishness, following him into the elevator. Once at Oliver's floor, Oliver pranced out getting his key from his pocket and opening the door. Cyber stepped inside. The place was a mess. Chairs thrown across the room, couch flipped over, papers everywhere, TV shattered in pieces on the carpet, it was the kind of scene you can't forget. Oliver's happy persona gave way when he saw the apartment. He immediately ran  around the house, looking for a note. They only trashed the place when there was a note, a clue as to where Creme was. 

    He had been running for about ten minutes when Cyber stopped him, grabbed him by the ear, and locked him in the bathroom. "CYBER!! What are you doing?! I need to find the note!!" Oliver cried. "Correction. I need to find the note, you need to calm down. You aren't in any condition to 'find' anything." Cyber heard Oliver sit down, presumably pouting like a child. Cyber searched the apartment, scanning every inch, until he got to the kitchen. There, was the note, stuck on a cabinet door with a steak knife. He didn't take the time to read it, he wanted Oliver to be there. He made his way to the bathroom, unlocking and opening the door. "Oliver I found the no-" He realized Oliver wasn't sitting on the counter or toilet, and looked down to see Oliver in the corner, curled up in a ball and shaking violently.  "Shortstack? Are you okay?!" Cyber asked, tossing the note on the counter and rushing to Oliver's side. Oliver nodded slowly, a faraway look in his eyes. Cyber scoffed, picking Oliver up, only to be met with biting and claws being dug into his arms. "OWCH! What the fuck Oliver I'm trying to help!!" Oliver's ears went back even further at the sudden noise. Cyber sighed, which caused Oliver's grip on his arm to relax a little. 

   Cyber looked down at the gremlin. His ears were flat, his nose was twitching, it didn't look like he was seeing anything, and if he was he wasn't taking it in, and- Oh no.. Cyber thought, his eyes meeting Oliver's wrist. It was cut and bleeding bad. He sighed for what felt like the millionth time, and set Oliver down on his bed, quietly whispering sweet nothings.

    After about an hour, Oliver was asleep. Cyber quietly got up, careful not to wake him. He went to the bathroom, where he found gause. Since he's sleeping I can't clean them, but I can wrap them.. He decided, grabbing the gause and heading to Oliver's room. He took Oliver's cut arm, cutting the gause and wrapping it around his arm. Cyber looked at the clock. 5:37 pm Cyber got up, hungry. I'm going to go get food, if Oliver wakes up, he'll be fine. Cyber grabbed his coat that he took off earlier and headed out the door.

   Oliver POV

Oliver woke up with a splitting headache. He groaned from the pain, looking around the room. The place wasn't as bad as it looked at first glance. A few papers, TV broken and couch flipped over. Cold be worse he concluded. He tried to get up, but when his arm rubbed the bed it sent a stinging pain through his body. "What the hell?" He scanned his arm, seeing the bandage. "Well, shit. I must have had a panic attack.. Last time I remember, I was in the bathroom.. Cyber must have brought me in-" Oliver realized, a bubbly feeling rising when he thought of him. He chalked it up to thirst, which he gladly resolved by getting up and making coffee. 

  Now, with coffee in hand, he was ready for cleaning and finding that note. He gathered up the papers, (which were mostly speeding tickets) and swept the TV shards up. He then flipped the couch back over, with some difficulty mind you. Looking in every room for a mess, he found himself in the bathroom, a note on the counter. "Yes!" He ran over to the table and sat down, reading the note. "Those who seek a good view go to the torch, but those who seek freedom go to the link. I wonder what that means..." looking through the papers and sipping his coffee. He did this in peace for maybe an hour before Cyber walked through the door. 

   "Hey doll! I found the note!" Oliver bubbled happily. Cyber looked confused, but relieved when he realized Oliver wasn't a shaking mess anymore. "Well what does it say?" Cyber inquired, walking over to the kitchen to make himself some coffee. "Uh, it says,Those who seek a good view go to the torch, but those who seek freedom go to the link." Oliver said, reading the note beside him. Cyber look confused. "Read it again." And so Oliver did. This repeated for about 6 minutes until Cyber gasped. "Oliver we need to leave. NOW." Now it was Oliver's turn to be confused. "Wh-"
"There's no time to explain. We need to get to the brooklyn bridge now!!" He slammed down his coffee, not taking a second glance at the mess. Grabbing Oliver by the wrist, he ran out of the house, ignoring Oliver's cries to be let go and that it hurt. They ran for half an hour before stopping, both panting. Oliver was the first one to recover. "Darlin' you know I love how insane you are, but what the fuck was that?!" Oliver pointed at his wrist, were the bandage had become undone. Cyber glared at Oliver. "Oliver, if we don't hurry, we could be two seconds too late to save Creme." Oliver went wide eyed and tears welled up in his eyes. "LET'S GO THEN! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME BEFORE ASSHOLE?!" Oliver screamed, frantic. He ran, not hearing Cyber yelling for him to stop. He ran until his knees gave way and he collapsed onto the ground. Cyber caught up to him after a couple seconds, dropping down to help him up. "Cyber, we need to get to her. We need to save her!" Oliver cried. Cyber chuckled a bit. "Cyber huh? That's a first-"
"Shut the fuck up." 

    "Okay then..gremlin." Cyber helped Oliver up, and they ran the rest of the mile to The Brooklyn bridge. Once there, they looked everywhere for Creme, but to no avail. "Darlin' what if she's not here?" Cyber shook his head, refusing the thought. If the note said she would be here, she would be here. Cyber and Oliver searched the bridge for two hours, every once in a while seeing something, and then getting disappointed not long after. 

    "Doll, she isn't here." Oliver deadpanned, wanted to avoid false hope. Cyber shook his head once more. "No. Oliver she has to be here!" Cyber started frantically running around looking for something, Anything. He looked behind the gates, hoping to see something related to Creme. After giving up, he threw his head up in defeat. He tilted his head. What is..?  "OLIVER!" Oliver jogged over, his face twisted into confusion. "What? Did you find something..?!" Oliver asked, nodding to the sky. Cyber nodded, his mouth slightly ajar. He pointed to the side of a pillar. "There's a piece of paper there." Cyber answered. 

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