chapter 4

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    Oliver and Cyber were walking aimlessly around NYC, hoping to find some kind of clue as to where Creme may be. u so far, to no avail. NYC was crowded in the afternoon bustle, and the size of the city wasn't helping them either. Cyber was staring intently on his tracker, trying to pick up a signal. "Anythin'?" Oliver questioned, motioning to the tracker. "No- Not yet," Cyber replied before sighing and shoving it into his backpack. 

   Oliver wrapped his arms around his body. His eyes fixed on the ground. " Darlin' what if we're too la-"
"Oliver stop." Cyber cut him off. "But-" 
"No Oliver! We WILL find Creme, and we WILL get her back!" Oliver felt a little better, but still had a sinking feeling in his stomach. 

    They were searching for hours, and every pigeon sounded like it was laughing at their feeble attempt to find the missing girl. By the time it was dusk, both of the canines were exhausted. "Oliver why don't we call it a day? We can pick up the search again tomorrow morning," Cyber offered, to which Oliver looked offended. "We can't stop now! We're so close to findin' her!" Oliver pleaded. "Oliver we aren't any closer to finding her then we were this morning! You can't expect her to just walk out of the shadows! That's not how real life works, and you of ALL animals should know that!" Cyber sighed. "Just, go home and get some sleep."

"I said no. I'm not leavin' Creme to die! She needs me!" Oliver wailed, starting to shake. Cyber gazed blankly at Oliver before shaking his head and picking the tiny bat eared fox up. He screeched in protest, trying to get out of Cyber's grasp. Cyber held him closer, tightening his grip. After a couple minutes of Oliver flailing helplessly in a futile attempt to free himself, he gave in and just laid there, tears pricking his eyes. He turned into Cyber's chest, burying himself in his fur. "Fine, but I'm not going home..." Oliver mumbled. Cyber scoffed slightly and carried him to the nearest motel a couple blocks away, getting a room. Walking into the small, crumpling one star motel wasn't ideal, but Cyber didn't know where Oliver went after the incident, and Cyber's house was 7 miles away. He lifted Oliver onto the bed, pulling a comforter onto him and crawling onto the other side. He scrambled through his backpack and found his phone to check the time. 

11:03 pm  Cyber rubbed his eyes and yawned. At least now the gremlin isn't screaming  He thought, chuckling softly. Cyber turned off his phone pulled the comforter over his shoulders. Today was pitiful, but they might find something tomorrow. And with the slow shutting of his eyes and the sound of Oliver's subtle snores, he drifted into a dreamless sleep.

Sorry I haven't updated this book in a while! I kinda lost motivation and didn't know how to start this chapter, but after pulling an all nighter and pulling an Alexander Hamilton, (I you don't know what that is, he's kinda known for runnin' on black coffee and no sleep or food XD) I mustered up the courage to take on the challenge! And thank the lords, once I started it was pretty easy. Thank everyone who takes the time to read this shit. (Im sorry its so short-)

~559 words

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