4 | I'm not married

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"Javed, ab toh bachho ko Jo Karna tha Kar liya. Gussa karne ka Kya fyada." Since Javed Khan returned after press conference, Javed Khan was very angry. Shaheen was trying to calm him.

(Javed, what's done is done, don't get angry.)

"Ek ladki jiska hume habs nabs nahi maloom, aise kaise humare khandan ki bahu accept Kar lei'n ussey?" Javed Khan asked.

(We don't know anything about that girl, how can we accept her as our daughter-in-law?)

"Dekhne se toh achhe khandan ki lag rahi hai, aur phir mujhe Mikaal pe pura bharosa Hai, kisi bhi ladki ko yunhi apni biwi nahi banayenge." Holding Javed's hand, Shaheen told him.

(She looks like a good girl. And I trust Mikaal, he won't marry just any girl.)

"Farhan pe bhi toh bharosa tha." Javed looked at his wife.

(We trusted Farhan too.)

"Farhan ki baat kyu baar baar karte hain? Ab toh humari itni pyari poti bhi Hai, aur Yumna bhi achhi ladki Hai." Shaheen Khan liked Yumna. So what if her background is different from theirs, she is a good girl. But Javed hadn't accepted Yumna yet.

(Why do you keep bringing up Farhan? Now we have such a lovely granddaughter, and Yumna is also a good girl.)

"Yumna khandani nahi Hai, aur na Jane yeh ladki... Kya naam Hai?" Javed Khan hold the bridge of his nose to remember her name

(Yumna doesn't belong to our background, and this girl... What's her name?)

"Humayrah!... Na Jane yeh kis khandan se hai." Javed complete his sentence.

(Humayrah... We don't know anything about her family background.)

"Khandan ka mujhe nahi pata lekin surat se toh bohot pyari lag rahi Hai." Giving her final statement, Shaheen got up from bed.

(I don't know about her family, but she looks like a good girl.)

"Ussey dekhke na aisa lagta Hai jaise koi apna hi Hai." She went to close the curtains of window, when she suddenly add, while remembering Humayrah's face

(She looks like someone I know.)

"Pata hai, woh na mujhe bilkul Javeria ki..." Shaheen stooped talking, when realises what she was going to say. Javed doesn't like anyone mentioning her name.

(You know, she reminds me of Javeria...)

Javed looked at her on her slip of tongue, but decided not to say anything.

"Mujhe lagta Hai kuch bohot bura hone Wala hai." Javed worriedly said, his instinct was telling this since Humayrah has entered their home. There was something wrong with her on which he can not put finger on. And now that Shaheen has almost mentioned it, he started thinking about her too.

(And I got a feeling something bad is going to happen.)

"Allah na kare." Shaheen got scared of his words and quickly mumbles

(God forbid.)

Both inside of her heart, she also got alert. Javed's instinct are alway right. And beside, they really don't know who she is. Can they really trust her? But Mikaal knows her, this thought made Shaheen relax. She trusts her son. He won't marry any random girl just like that.

Shaheen was busy in her thoughts while Javed was lost in his thoughts when the sound of his phone ringing brought both to their present

Javed picked his phone and saw unknown number flashing on screen

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