3 | Why is no one listening to me?

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The journey to his house was silent, to ease the silence, Shehzaad turned on the radio, an old Bollywood song started playing in it.

Ek Ajnabi Hasina Se
Yun Mulaaqat Ho Gayi
Ek Ajnabi Hasina Se
Yun Mulaaqat Ho Gayi
Phir Kya Hua Yeh Na Puchho
Kuch Aisi Baat Ho Gayi

The lyrics of the song made Mikaal's eyes traveled to Humayrah.

She was unbothered by the song, and unaware his eyes on her. Looking out of the window to passing scenery, she was lost in her thoughts.

Mikaal avert his eyes away from her and also looked out, the song keep playing with the rhythm of his heart.

Wo Achanak Aa Gayi
Yun Nazar Ke Saamne
Jaise Nikal Aaya
Ghata Se Chaand

The flashback of her bumping into him came in his mind. Turning his world upside down, freezing his heart in the time. Mikaal Khan never felt like this towards anyone.

Chehre Pe Zulfen
Bikhri Hui Thi
Din Mein Raat
Ho Gayi

Her chocolate brown hair falling on her face, anxiety filled face, but anger was in her words and eyes when she spoke to him.

Ek Ajnabi Hasina Se
Yun mulakat ho gayi

But after all, she is just a stranger, whom he met unexpectedly. His heart shouldn't jumped in the mention of her name. She was just a stranger, who used him for her beneficial to get away from trouble.

Trouble; those goons.

Who were they? Why they were after her? If they come to his house for her? A sudden thought came in his mind, alerting him.

How can he be sure she is harmless?

No, she looks innocent. Mikaal told himself.

Jane mann jane jigar
Hota mai shayar agar
Kehta gazal teri adao par

Maine ye kaha to
Mujse khafa ho
Jaane hayaat ho gayi

"Radio band karo, Shehzaad." Mikaal told him, which caught Humayrah's attention too, as she looked at him then Shehzaad, who quickly turned off the radio, and then she again looked outside of the window.

(Turn off the radio.)

Once again, the car fall in silence

The journey pass by just like that, Mikaal in his thoughts and Humayrah in hers. While Shehzaad was busy thinking of excused he would make to his father.

When the car stopped, Humayrah casually turned to him

"We have reached my home." Mikaal informed her, Humayrah nod her head

Both of them got down, while Shehzaad went to take their suitcase from trunk, both Humayrah and Mikaal looked at the tall mansion in front of them.

He has returned to his home after three years. But, nothing has changed, the exterior was same, the homely feeling was same, taking a long and deep breath, a smile danced on his lips.

Humayrah was looking at the huge mansion when her eyes fall on Mikaal.

Soft breeze brushing his hair, and sun beam scattering its light on him while a smile charmed his face. Her eyes seem to get stuck there.

Sensing someone's eyes on him, Mikaal turned to her side, which startled her.

He furrowed his eyes in questionable manner. On which she quickly shook her head, and looked away.

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