2 | Damsel in distress??

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Kicking a rock by her foot, Humayrah took steps forward, cursing the guy because of whom she missed her flight.

Now what she is suppose to do? She doesn't have any money to buy another ticket.

What her life was and what it has become? Mockingly, she laughed at herself.

She again kicked a rock which came on her way. Taking all her anger out on the poor rock, but it hit someone.

The someone was the same goon with long hair and beard.

Her eyes widened in fear.

She quickly turned back to run before he could see her. But, luck wasn't on her side and the guy saw her

"Excuse me!" Frightened, she froze on her spot when he called her, the guy took few steps closer to her and bent down to pick something

"I think you dropped your chain," he picked a gold chain and said to her, before he could take another step closer to her, she ran off.

"Excuse me, Kya yeh apka nahi Hai?" He shouted after her but she didn't hear a word.

(This isn't yours?)

She again came to parking lot, and to her luck, she found the same guy, who helped her, he was putting his suitcase in his car's trunk.

"Oh there you are, come on, let's go home," Casually, Humayrah said, getting near him and hold his arm with her hands.

"Ji?" Mikaal raised his eyebrow at her, wasn't she the same girl who shouted at him and now she is behaving... lovingly?


Mikaal couldn't understand the how she have a change of heart.

While his own heart started thumping loudly by her touch.

"Bhabhi, I was calling you. I think you drop your chain, Is this... it's made of gold?" The same goon called her again, she took another step closer to car so he won't able to see her face.

It's when Mikaal understood why she returned to him with so much love

"Actually this isn't hers, but it was really kind of you," Mikaal quickly helped her.

"Ap log ghar ja rahe hain?" The goon asked.

(You are going home?)

Mikaal and Humayrah were expecting him to leave them. But here he was making the small talk.

"Haan? Haan, hum bas ja hi rahe the." Mikaal hesitantly said.

(Yes? Yes!, we are going home.)

"Shehzaad, bhabhi ka saman bhi car mein rakho," Empathizing the word bhabhi, he made sure the goon heard him loud and clear.

(Shehzaad, put your bhabhi's suitcase in the car.)

"Bhabhi?" Shehzaad looked at him, then at her, then did what he was told.

"Chalte Hain, it was nice meeting you," For formality Mikaal said. Again expecting him to leave now. But he didn't even budge.

(We shall leave now.)

Humayrah meekly stood beside the car, trying to hide her face from her dupatta, as she peeked back to see if the goon left.

"Chalein?" Having no options left, Mikaal opened the car door for her to get it.

(Shall we?)

The goon only left when their car was out of his sight.

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