1 | I'm his wife, he is my husband

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Soft floral yellow skirt swaying on the road as Humayrah Yazdani ran swiftly, time to time looking behind her,

Sun wasn't out today, the grey cloud has hides most of the sky, the weather was getting pleasing but not to her, who was running from the disaster.

Her heart picking up the same speed as her feet, her breath heavy, hair messily falling on her face, which had anxiety written all over it.


Putting his black sunglasses on, Mikaal Khan took his steps out, just like the weather, his mood was also very pleasant, after all he has returned to India after three years. He didn't inform his family about his arrival, he wanted to surprise them, he has just informed his younger brother, because he need someone to pick him up.

Coming out, his eyes roamed around to find his brother, but didn't find him anywhere. One hand holding his bag, with other he took his phone and dialled his brother's number and took another step toward parking lot of airport.

His eyes was on his phone, he didn't see the feminine figure which crashed into him in just a second before anyone could say wait!

His phone fall on floor with his bag and the girl.

"Can't you see where you are going?" Before Mikaal Khan could muster his senses to know what happened, an angry feminine voice came.

It's when Mikaal's eyes fall on the girl, soft chocolate wavey hair falling on her face, yellow floral churidaar hugging her curvey body firmly, her face was down, as she was sitting on floor by the support of her knees, picking up her things which fall from her bag.

Wanting to catch a look of her, he also sat down to help her, still looking at her, trying to get a glimpse, his hand fall on her hair brush when her hand stopped him, as her furious eyes met with his, caramel brown eyes filled with furious met with black onyx eyes which were blank.

"Don't bother!" Thick british accent came, as she again bowed her head, picking up her hair brush, she put it in her bag, while Mikaal was still looking at her.

Two seconds of glimpse tangled his heart.

Mikaal has still not came out from his trance, while the girl got up with her hand bag which, she put it on her shoulder and she left quickly.

And Mikaal, he was still sitting there on the road, looking at the door from where she just disappeared. Taking his hand to his heart, he tried to calm it down. It was throbbing as if ran a marathon.

She wasn't the first girl he has saw, and definitely not last. He has saw more beautiful girls than her, then why his heart is behaving like she is the first girl in the universe?

Mikaal shook his head negatively, this is the first time they met, and most probably last time too, he won't see her again.

"Bhai? Why are you sitting on the road?" A voice dragged him to the present time, as Mikaal raised his head and saw his brother, Shehzaad standing there.

"Where were you?" Picking his phone, Mikaal asked.

"I was here...." Shehzaad sheepishly said,

Mikaal just gave him hard look and picked his suitcase.

"Bhai! I think you drop you passport." They only took one step when Shehzaad saw passport on the road, picking it up, he showed it to Mikaal and asked.

Taking it from him, Mikaal opened it and saw a girl's photo there, the same girl whom he bumped into, and maybe she dropped her passport then and didn't notice it.

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