You stink

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Leo's pov
After he and calypso left Ogygia, Leo had Festus find a place to land for a while. Leo was in serious need of a shower and a new set of clothes but Festus also needed repaired. So they landed on a small island in the Caribbean, "Calypso we can't stay long my friends are probably worried sick" he called out as they were climbing off Festus. "lets's make our repairs and start flying back."I think there is something you are forgetting" Calypso called back. "What?" Leo was stumped what was he forgetting? Then Calypso finally exclaimed " I'm not fling all the way to long island with smelling like a rotten corpse!" "alright alright, I bet I can find a rest stop to wash up at" Leo couldn't argue he smelt terrible but he just come back from the dead so at least he had an excuse." While you go destinkify I'll start repairing Festus." "hey sweetheart you die in a firery explosion and come back then we'll see how you smell!" Leo challenged "fair enough, but you still stink," Calypso replied " what needs done on Festus?" " His one leg is broken, the joints on his neck are slightly melted together, and I want Bang out some dents in his hide" Leo answered. "Ok I'll get on that now go before I dump you in the ocean" she warned "consider me warned"
As I wandered the streets looking for a place to clean up I started thinking about my friends. I felt bad about just disappearing but what choice did I have. I Was so lost in thought that I walked sign for "Rupert's rest stop and dinner". "Finally" I exclaimed as I ran inn the door. I bought a bright yellow tee-shirt that read "WELCOME TO THE BAHAMAS" and a matching pair of black sweat pants. After I cleaned up and put on the clothes I bought, I found a golden drachma in the pocket of my tool belt and made an Iris message to Jason but didn't say anything once I saw that he and Piper were talking. he didn't understand what they were talking about but they both looked like they were about to cry. the only thing that he could make out was that his shroud burning was next week. instantly he felt bad they thought he was dead and he wasin the caribbean arguing about his degree of stench.
When Leo got back, Calypso anounced that Festus was fully repaired and ready to fly. "Calypso we've got a shroud buring to crash" Leo replied.

Last chapters question: what is your favorite book or series?
A: this is a tough question but probably Divergent, The Hunger Games, or PJO/HOO are my favs
this chapters question:what is your otp for PJO/HOO?

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