Saying Something Stupid

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Emma was mortified.

With her cheeks now on fire, and her mind constantly trying to ignore the fact that someone had witnessed her humiliation, Emma awkwardly laughed as an attempt to brush over her clumsy episode.

As if noticing that she was still holding hands with the mysterious stranger she abruptly let go, mumbling a thanks as she did so. The stranger just chuckled in response and knelt down to pick up the now scattered highlighters. Emma knelt down also, picking up as many highlighters as fast as possible so that she could escape this inevitably awkward interaction.

'You know, you just made the highlight of my day. Are you ok?' The boy joked as he finished collecting the last highlighter and placed them in the box that Emma was holding. Emma snorted in response replying with-

'Pun intended or not? I'm fine, the only thing damaged is my pride.' Emma sighed. This was not what she wanted to deal with on a Saturday morning, especially not in front of a cute stranger.

The stranger chuckled again, finding entertainment with his conversation with the embarrassed girl, 'I assure you that any puns made were purely to make you happier, not to make it worse.'

Emma at this point was no longer wanting to spend another minute embarrassing herself in front of what could quite possibly be one of the most handsomest guy she had ever seen, and so she quickly thanked him for his help and sped away, highlighters in tow. Without stopping, she flew past the highlighter display and went straight to the till to tell Charlotte about what just happened. By then end of the story, Charlotte was in hysterics, claiming that it was something that only Emma could achieve, and that it was nothing to get worked up over about.

Where do you return best friends?

They were interrupted by a cough, and both girls turned to see who was waiting to be serviced. Charlotte muttered under her breath to Emma; 'Is this the guy you were talking about? Woah, I do wonder how people are born like this. Like really? How is that fair?'

Emma elbowed her, 'Not helping, Char!' Turning away from the boy and letting her brown hair fall across her face to hide her furiously blushing cheeks.

Charlotte, sensing her friend needing a lifesaver, asked what he was looking for, and if she could help with anything. The boy replied with a smirk,

'Actually I'm looking for pastel highlighters, you wouldn't happen to know where they are? I've searched everywhere.'

With a groan, Emma knew that she had to face the music, and get over the fact that she landed on her bum in front of the guy.

 I mean it wasn't a big deal, in the slightest. Why was she obsessing over it? It may be due to the fact that she didn't think anyone this handsome had ever entered Newhurst before in its entire history- and she just had to embarrass herself.

Plastering a smile on her face and mustering up as much of a professional attitude as possible, Emma turned to see the handsome stranger and replied, 'We just had a new shipment come in, any particular colours?'

And with that the transactions were completed, despite Emma's previous mortification. The stranger only smiled and tried to make her laugh with ridiculous puns which Emma did acknowledge had some entertainment value. This exchange was almost enough to make her wish that he stuck around for longer just as he was exiting the small, rustic shop. 

Almost, but not quite though.

It was Sunday, and yet again, Emma had been dragged into work by Charlotte, to save her yet again from spending time with Aaron. At least this time the hours were shorter and she would be done by 4. Her and Charlotte were currently taking advantage of the quiet store by discussing their summer plans and Emma's 18th birthday, .

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