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POV: Liam

 “Liam, I can’t do this anymore.”

 My eyes turned immediately from the telly to the beautiful girl sitting next to me. She had slowly shifted from my lap to the opposite end of the couch during the program, but I had been too tired to even notice. I was still getting used to the time zone shift after a long touring stint.

 “What’s up babe?” I noticed something in her features I had never seen before, sadness, pain and a hint of pity. At that moment I knew, this conversation was not going to end well.

 “I’ve been thinking and I’m just so lonely and miserable, I can’t deal with the hate any longer, sometimes I don’t even want to get out of bed, and that can’t be good right? Liam… right?” Her voice was strained; I could hardly hear her anymore.


 The couch was growing longer, pulling Dani away from me. I tried to follow but I was trapped in my seat, forced to watch as she slowly diminished from my sight.

 “Please come back!”

 I awoke in a puddle of sweat, my heart pounding. I rolled over, trying to fall back asleep, but I couldn’t shake the nightmarish image from my mind.

             *                      *                      *                      *                      *                      *

 POV: Lana

 I walked into my dorm room, throwing my purse on my desk and flopping face first onto my bed.

 “Another bad date Lana?” my best friend and roommate Eleanor questioned.

 “Ugh, can’t I catch a break, just once?” I mumbled into my pillow. That date seriously couldn’t have gone much worse, honestly none of my past dates could have. I have started to believe I am cursed or something, maybe just extremely unlucky. Eleanor walked across the small room and sat down on my bed, rubbing my back.

 “Better or worse then the one who happened to forget his wallet?” she questioned and without even looking up at her I knew there was a small smirk on her face. My dating misfortunes were usually good laughs, perfect for entertaining at parties. I figured I couldn’t take life too seriously, especially dating. With that I rolled over to face Eleanor, a laugh already starting in my throat.

 “Worse! His ex-girlfriend called him in the middle of dinner and he spent twenty minutes chatting with her!”

 “How dare he!” she exclaimed dramatically, laughing away.

 “At least he paid!” and with that we fell to the floor in giggles.

             *                      *                      *                      *                      *                      *

 POV: Liam

 There was a loud knock on my bedroom door, “Liam!” I groaned and pulled my bed sheets above me head. The knocking started again, and after a few moments I realized the knocks kinda mimicked the melody of ‘Eye of the Tiger’. Only the boys, I thought, but I stayed under my cocoon of blankets. Eventually they lost interest in the song and just entered my room. I heard the blinds of my window shoot up and a glaringly bright light entered the space.

 “Rise and shine honey!” Louis yelled in a singsong voice.

 “We brought ice-cream!” Niall mumbled. Sounds like you’ve already started eating it, I thought, smiling, but only for a second.

 “Perfect for mending a broken heart,” Harry chimed in, sitting on my bed and patting the mound of blankets atop my body.

 I knew I had the best mates in the world, but I couldn’t face them. Not yet at least. Not when the wounds were still so fresh.

             *                      *                      *                      *                      *                      *

 POV: Lana

 “You have the worst luck in boys, you realize that don’t you?” Eleanor said as she grabbed her white chocolate mocha frappucino from the Starbucks barista. I nodded, sipping my chai tea latte, evading the question. I spluttered, the hot drink burning my throat, apparently I was willing to inflict actual pain on myself to avoid the topic.

 “What happened with the last one?” Our good friend Sarah questioned. Apparently I wasn’t getting out of this so easily.

 “Umm, well the guy from last night spent the entire time talking about the robot he was building. Super attractive, right?” I sarcastically asked, faking a laugh. The girls joined in but I felt I just couldn’t be genuine. I was really starting to worry about my guy situation; I just couldn’t deal with the disappointments anymore.

 “I’m done,” I stated so suddenly Eleanor and Sarah jumped. “I’m done getting all dressed up, believing the date could actually lead to something real, and then being letdown every single time. I just can’t keep trying any longer.”


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