Part 1

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Ugh, moving to another school yet again. It's been like the 10th time. Just not without dad yet. I'm gonna miss him being around. I never felt what it was like to have friends. I'd get to know people all around the country. Name all the 50 states in America and I can tell you that I have been to them and know someone from there. My best friend, Milo, is my cat. She always uses to play with me and cheer me up when I was sad. During moms and dad's battle for custody of me in court, Milo passed away in my bed. The next day, I had to Bury her and pack my clothes. I wish things have changed in this old dump. At least I will get to see my grandma. I haven't seen her since I was 7. I wonder, what is to come of my sad, pathetic life.

It feels like it's been forever since I've last seen Blackdowns. Looking back, I wonder if little me would even believe that I moved to California. Deep down, I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my chest ; the exhaustion from the custody battle between mum and dad, watching them argue with each other was nothing new, but infront of people intensified them even more.

Blackdowns is a small town in North Carolina, nothing shy of 11,000 people live there. Something about living in small towns gives me Gilmore girls vibes. I remember when Mum, Dad and I used to watch Gilmore Girls on hours on end, ice cream in hand as we used to argue about how much we hated Rory. Times like this makes me hope if things could just go back to the way they were, even just for a second.

"Hurry up, we should get on the road before it turns dark, Clara!"

That's Mum shouting from the kitchen. Although I'd prefer if we stayed in California, I get why Mum needs it. A fresh start and a way to reconnect with people in our old town. One of the last times Mum smiled is when we went to the local town fare as we stopped past the town, going around in the Carousel as if we were little kids. I could even remember the way how the stars twinkled that day.

I just hope I could find someone to become friends there. I didn't have much luck in California. Mainly because when I got there, everyone had already established what crews they would roll in. The ugly duckling and I have more in common than those groups. Down right depressing, don't you think?
Although I didn't have much friends when I lived in Blackmore, I remember that a young boy used to come over to my house every now and then. He would always ask if I could play with him. I wonder how he is doing now.

Well, it's good bye Cali, hello Blackdowns!


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