Part 2

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What felt like a million hours later, Mum and I finally reached Blackdowns. As we drove past the welcome sign, fragments of my suppressed memory started to resurface. Memories of mum,dad and I going into Blackdowns in the summers after we moved away to escape the scorching Californian heat. Ever since Grandpa Joe died, we stopped going to Blackdowns. Although we had lovely times there, Dad said it was too painful for mum to bare.

It took about 10 minutes to arrive at Grandmas house. Maybe everything looks huge in California. That's why the houses in Blackdowns look so small. But don't get me wrong, the houses here give you this really homey feeling with every porch here decked with homey lights to commerate the light festival coming up. What I loved particularly about Grans house is the huge swinging chair in her porch. In the winters, I could see myself chugging a huge cup of coco whilst staring deep into the stars.

As we turned onto Grans street, I could see her at the window, her face lighting up with joy as she saw us. Still had her pompom earrings that I made for her before we left. It was as if my legs had a mind of its own as I plunged into her arms. I'd longed to smell the sweet smell of her strawberry and lemon perfume, the contrasting smells complimenting each other.

"Hello Claire, welcome home."

I loved how she always called me Claire, reminds me of Modern Family.

Loading our stuff from the car into the house, I could see a face in the window across the street staring right at me. Felt like they were staring into my soul. I turned around and entered the house, not thinking much about it. The aroma of the freshly baked pie smacked me in the face. If I was asked if there is one thing in the whole world I could not live without, it is definitely Grans Apple and Cinnamon Pie. I could feel my mouth watering shamelessly as it hung open.

"Clara, you'll be staying in my old room. Please don't wear your shoes whilst in bed". Mum yelled from the stairs, walking off to aid Gran with dinner.

Looking around the room, pictures of Mum's artwork filled the room. I wished I had inherited her wonderful artistic genes. Literally failed to draw even the most basic stick people in school. Although I recognise most of the pieces in here, one stood out particularly. A painting of a man, smiling into the sunset. I could tell immediately that it wasn't dad cause he didn't have blonde hair. Hmm, that's interesting.

As I cascaded down the stairs for dinner, the door rang.

"Claire, be a dear and get the door for me".

Opening the door, I could see a boy with the same blonde hair in mums painting.

"Hi Clara, it's nice to see you again. My mum sent me here to bring you these chocolate chip cookies, hope you still like cookies".

"Hiya, yes I do love cookies, thank you so much Sir!"

"Sir? Is that the best you could come up with. Don't tell me you have forgotten my name. Well in that case, my name is Blake Steinfield and we are neighbours!"

I never forget a face, yet this guy was speaking with me as if we known each other our whole lives.

"Claire darling, don't keep the young man standing in the cold and invite him in for dinner, we have more than enough for everyone!" Gran chanted, lighting up the candles on the dinner table.

"Well Blake, would you like to come in?"

"I would love to Clara!"


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