Chapter 3: Cheer Up The Party Girl Part 1

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One Week Later

You were almost in a panic right now. Because Pinkie Pie has been out of school for a week now which was really worrying you. You so badly wanted to go over and check on her, but you had to keep the new promise that you made to her by not seeing or speaking to her until she was ready to. The rest of your friends were worried for her as well. They had tried multiple times to go and see Pinkie, but they were all met with the same response that she gave you.

So, being the understanding friends that you were, you gave her as much time as needed. In the meantime, you and the rest of the Rainbooms were trying to think of something, anything, to make Pinkie happy again once she comes back. Meanwhile, you were trying your best to keep yourself from hyperventilating from being so worried about Pinkie. You and the Rainbooms we're sitting on the front steps of the school whilst thinking of a plan.

"Anon, you need to calm down and stay level headed about all of this." Twilight instructed you. You looked over to the girls while displaying a worried look.

"I can't help it guys! I can't help but think about Pinkie and how much I want to be there to comfort her!" You said before slumping down and placing your chin on your hands.

"We're all worried about her darling, but she said that she needs some time to herself. She'll come around eventually." Rarity said hoping to calm you down with her words. This only worked slightly as you stood up and started pacing in front of them.

"But what if she does something drastic like accidentally hurting herself?! Or what if she decides to never come to school again?! Or what if-" Rainbow Dash cuts you off by grabbing you by the collar and slapping you hard across the face to get you to calm down.

"ANON! GET A GRIP! Panicking about it is not gonna fix anything! So just calm down and get ahold of yourself! Alright?!" She screamed in your face. You do what she said and took a bunch of deep breaths. You eventually were able to calm yourself and looked back at her.

"Thanks Rainbow. I needed that." She hugs you and you hugged her back.

"I'm sorry for slapping you, but I needed to do that." You nodded to confirm that you understood her reasoning.

"And I'm sorry for panicking. It's just that I care about her so much. She's done a lot for me and I wanna repay her by being a good friend and always being there for her." You two held the hug for a few more seconds before separating and looking at each other.

"I get it Anon. We all get it, but it's like Twilight said, we need to keep a level head through all of this. Panicking won't solve anything." The others nodded in agreement before the two of you walked back over and sat down.

"I still think we should come up with something to do for her when she comes back. She needs to be reminded that she'll always have friends to help put her back together when she shatters." You said to which the girls agreed to.

"But what can we do?" Fluttershy asked.

"Well it can't be somethin as simple as a get well soon card. It's gotta be somethin big, but what?" Applejack queried. You perked up upon thinking of something.

"Maybe it doesn't have to be just one thing you guys. Maybe we can do a bunch of things for Pinkie. Kind of like how a movie's done. We'll start off small and then each thing we do will increase in quality and we'll work our way towards the climax and then make it to conclusion. How about that?" You proposed rather enthusiastically.

"That does sound like a plan alright. But what exactly are we going to do though?" Sunset asked.

"That's a good question Sunset. The answer's simple, we'll do all of the things that Pinkie usually likes to do for everybody. Make her laugh, watch her favorite movie stormy with a side of pudding with her, bake her a cake, and lastly throw her a party! If all of that doesn't cheer her up then I don't know what will! So who's with me?!" You asked trying to get them as excited as you were. Each of them started smiling before Rainbow Dash stood up and held up her fist with determination.

"I'm in!" She said happily. One by one the others stood up voicing their agreement.

"Great! Then it's settled, we'll do all that we can to make Pinkie Pie happy again!" Everyone cheered to this plan as you already started thinking about how happy Pinkie will be after it's all said and done. You immediately started planning about what to do first.


A Few Days Later

You and the girls were getting everything set up for when you met up with Pinkie for the past few days. You honestly couldn't wait to get the old Pinkie Pie back......the one you fell in love with. You waited outside as you did the past dozen times when you were hoping for her to come back. You saw someone walking by themselves towards CHS. Your heart started racing at the thought of them being Pinkie, but you were instead met with her older sister Maud Pie. You walked up to her and she took notice of you.

"Oh, hello Anon." She greeted you in her usual monotonous voice.

"Hey Maud. How's Pinkie Pie?" You asked. She looks down for a moment before looking back at you.

"She's not doing well. She been crying nonstop for the past week and a half. We've been trying all we could to make her feel better but nothings worked." You sighed in disappointment upon hearing this.

"I guess this means that she's not coming today is she?" You said feeling saddened by the news. What she says next surprises you.

"Actually no, she said she wanted to try and come today if she's able to." Your eyes widened as your heart was now filled with a new found hope. "But I wouldn't get my hopes up too high if I were you. Goodbye for now Anon." She says before walking into the school. A part of you thought that she might be right about that final thing she said, but a even bigger part of you was hoping that Pinkie would show up today.

You stared back at the front of the school hoping to catch a glimpse of hot pink anywhere. You looked around for a few moments before you saw a lone figure in the distance slowly making their way to CHS. You stared at them for a bit trying to make out their features. Pink skin, blue over shirt, purple bow at the hip, sky blue boots, it was her! It was Pinkie Pie!

You're heart exploded with happiness upon just being able to see her again as she slowly made her way to the school. Her hair was still straight and lifeless and she still had bloodshot eyes, but she didn't appear to be crying anymore so that's a start. She looks up and sees you there at the front doors and she stops and stares at you. She looks at you for a few moments before she slowly walks up to you. She spoke in a low voice almost like Fluttershy.

"H-hi, Anon." She greeted you.

"Hi Pinkie." You greeted back calmly even though on the inside you were screaming with joy.

"H-how are you?" She asked politely.

"I'm alright. Umm, do you want me to leave you alone?" You asked while still wondering if the promise was still in effect. She shook her head slightly.

"No, no, I wanna hang out with you again. I wanna hang out with the others again too. I can't just stay in my room and cry all the time now can I?" She reassured. A smile slowly made its way on your face.

"Okay. Let's go then." You said while holding your arm out. She wraps hers around it and she follows you into the school. As the two of you walked, you kept a close eye out in case you ran into her ex-boyfriend. You definitely didn't want to see that guy right now, especially after what he did to Pinkie. The two of you slowly made your way to your first period class. After your first set of classes were finished, you two made your way to the cafeteria as you began the start of phase one of the plan: reunite Pinkie with her friends.

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