Chapter 1: The Breakup

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It was a bright and sunny day at the city of Canterlot. The city was bustling with happy city folks just going about their business as usual like any other city would. It was another typical Monday morning at Canterlot High School, or CHS for short. The students were going about their day talking about what they did over the weekend and how they were already planning for the next weekend because of how much Monday sucked. Every student seemed to be having a good start to the day.......except for you.

You were not having a good morning right now. It wasn't that you were antisocial or anything, far from it, it's just that you were being pestered by someone right now. Someone that you really didn't want to talk to, and that was Fluttershys younger brother Zephyr Breeze. Lately, he's been on your butt with trying to get you to help him with getting a date with Rainbow Dash, a close friend of yours and captain of every sports team here at the school.

Even though she's shown and even said to him, multiple times in fact, that she was not interested in him he would still try and try again. It was honestly kind of sad to you to see him go through these lengths to get a date with her, but as one of his friends you tried to keep it to yourself. That didn't mean that you wouldn't be honest with him though. As it was said before, you were walking through school with Zephyr as he was begging for you to help him.

"I've told you many times already Zephyr, I'm not going to help you!" You said. This wouldn't get through to him though.

"Oh, come on Anon! You're friends with her right?! Just find out what she likes and just give me some advice so I can make my move already!" Zephyr begged to which you groaned at. You stopped walking and looked at him with an annoyed look.

"Zephyr, she's NOT interested! When are you going to understand that?!"

"She IS interested in me! Either she just doesn't know it yet or she's just playing hard to get!" You face palmed at his idiotic thought.

"Okay Zephyr, I'm going to say this in a way that maybe you'll understand, so listen closely. SHE'S. NOT. INTERESTED. IN. YOU!!!!"

"You'll see Anon! She will fall for me one day! I just know it! I can already picture it now. She'll run up to me and jump into my arms begging to be with me. And I'll scoop her up, carry her to a mighty stallion, and we'll ride off into the sunset as we slowly lean in and ki-" You cut him off before he finished with his creepy daydream.

"Alright, alright, alright, I've heard enough! I need to get to class Zephyr, I'll leave you alone to your weird/creepy fantasies!" You said before walking away from him. He calls out to you as got further away from him.

"I'll make you eat those words Anon! Rainbow Dash will be mine! You'll see!" You shook your head to that ridiculous thought while making your way to your first class. As you walked, you slowly started gaining a smile as you made steady progress towards class.

Why were you smiling you may ask? Because this was the class that you had with one of the best if not the best friend that you've ever made at this school. Her name was Pinkamiena Diane Pie, otherwise known as Pinkie Pie. Pinkie was a party planner girl who always strived to make her friends, which included you, smile no matter what. That was just one of the many things that you really liked about Pinkie Pie.

The two of you had met during your freshman year and you instantly hit it off with each other rather well. It also should be mentioned that you had developed a bit of a crush on her. Why wouldn't you? She was pretty much perfect in every way to you. She was funny, bubbly, joyful, and so full of life. It also didn't hurt that she was incredibly beautiful. Her cute face, perfect teeth, her bouncy hot pink poofy hair that fit her personality, it was all just captivating........which was probably why she had gotten a boyfriend about a few months ago. His name was Golden Shine. He seemed like a nice guy when he and Pinkie were dating each other. It did break your heart at first when you found out, but you came to the conclusion that as long as she was happy, you were happy; even though deep down it hurt.

You walked for a few minutes before making it to your first period classroom. There was still a few minutes left before class started so you figured that you would chat and hang out with Pinkie until then. You were just about to enter the class until you heard a loud yell, Pinkies loud yell.

"WHAT??!!?!" She screamed. You heard another voice which sounded like her boyfriend.

"I'm sorry Pinkie, but I think we should see other people." Golden Shine said solemnly. You then heard what sounded like sobbing before the door burst open and you saw Pinkie with tears in her eyes and down her cheeks as she ran down the hallway while crying. You stood there baffled by what just transpired. Golden Shine just broke up with Pinkie? Why? That didn't make sense at all. They seemed really happy with each other.

You looked inside and saw Golden Shine standing in the middle of the room looking down with his back turned to you as if he didn't want to see the pain that he just put Pinkie through. You then contemplated whether you should scold him for dumping Pinkie or to go after her to see if you could comfort her in any way. You decided to be a good friend and ran after her. You ran through the school asking the different kids about where Pinkie went and they all pointed to the front doors of the school.

You burst out the doors and ran towards the one place you thought she would go to; her house. It was only a few blocks from here so it would be a logical place to look. You didn't care that you would be late by doing this, you HAD to be there for Pinkie. You ran towards her house while hoping that she was okay. You weren't going to allow your best friend to be this sad today or any other day. That was a promise that you made to not just yourself, but to her as well.

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