Chapter 6: Cheer Up The Party Girl Part 4

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The sunlight cascaded through the window as the dawn of a Saturday morning beamed down upon you. You slowly began to stir awake as you got ahold of your bearings. You saw that you were still in Pinkies guest bedroom. You then remembered the events of last night. How you had given Pinkie Pie a good night by watching her favorite movies with her and the others.

You looked down to see the party girl snuggled up next to you with her head resting on your chest as she breathed lightly. You blushed for a bit before lightly shaking it away and you smiled down at her and gently petted her head. This started to make her stir in her sleep as she slowly opened her eyes and looked up at you. She smiled when her eyes landed on your face.

"Good morning Nonny." She said in a tired voice. She sat up and stretched as you did the same.

"Good morning Pinkie. How'd you sleep?" You asked.

"Better than I've been since the past week and a half." She said while smiling at you. "Thank you for letting me sleep with you last night."

"It was my pleasure Pinkie. Now, what do you say that I fix us up some breakfast?" You proposed. Her stomach growls upon hearing that.

"Eh heh heh, I think that should answer your question." She chuckles before getting out of bed and going to her room to change. You got up and walked out the door and to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. After some time has passed, breakfast was ready to eat: Pancakes with cut up strawberries and whipped cream with a side of bacon and sausage. It was all set up by the time Pinkie came out of her room in her usual outfit and sat down.

"This looks really good Nonny." She commented.

"Well hopefully it tastes as good as it looks." You joked as you sat down with your own plate. She takes a bite out of her food and she goes wide eyed for a moment before finishing her bite and speaking.

"This is really tasty Nonny" She says before taking another bite.

"Well I'm really glad that you like it Pinkie." You said before taking a bite out of your own food.

"Thanks for making it." She said politely.

"You're welcome." You responded. The two of you ate your food in relative silence and comfort before Pinkie spoke up.

"So Nonny, are there any activities that we're doing today?" She asked in her Fluttershy-like voice.

"Well there is one thing, but you'll have to wait and see." You said before giving her a wink. She now had a curious look as she wanted to know what it was.

"Can you give me a hint?" She asked curiously. You shook your head to answer her question. She playfully groans at that before she resumed eating. When you finished eating, you put your utensils down and looked at her.

"I've gotta use the bathroom real quick. I'll be back in a minute." You said as you stood up.

"Alright." She responded. You walked over to the bathroom and looked outside to see if Pinkie was listening before closing the door and grabbing your phone out of your pocket. You texted the girls to get ready for phase three: Bake a cake and throw her a party. They responded by saying that they'll be ready as soon as possible.

You stepped out of the bathroom and saw that Pinkie had just got done with eating her breakfast. You walked over and grabbed both of your plates and started cleaning them.

"Why don't you go ahead and get ready to go while I handle this?" You proposed. She nodded before going to the bathroom to freshen up. As you finished with the dishes, Pinkie emerged from the bathroom while you walked towards the door and opened it for her. She thanked you before heading out of the house with you following her.

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