Chapter 2: Comforting A Friend

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You ran as fast as your feet could carry you towards Pinkies house. Occasionally having to dash past pedestrians and avoid tripping over things. You finally made it to Pinkies house which was a quaint little home with a purple roof. You walked up to the front door and knocked on it which only resulted in the door swiveling open as if someone didn't bother to properly close it, most likely Pinkie in her saddened state. You looked inside and didn't see anybody inside at first. You assumed that Pinkies siblings were all at school and her parents were at work right now.

You walked inside since you weren't really afraid of barging in unannounced since you've been to Pinkies house many times over the years and her family members were used to you coming over. You walked through the house until you heard the sound of quiet sobbing. You pinpointed where it was coming from and it lead you to Pinkies room with the door shut. You walked up and gently knocked on the door while silently calling out to her.

"Pinkie? Are you alright in there?" You asked. You already knew that she clearly wasn't alright since you saw the whole thing unravel before you at school, but you still asked anyway to show your concern for her. The sobbing stopped on the other side for a moment before you heard her speak softly.

"Go away, Anon. I wanna be left alone." She said in a saddened tone. Being the stubborn friend that you are, you still remained there determined to comfort your friend.

"Pinkie, you know I can't just abandon my best friend like this. So please, let me in?" You asked. There was a moment of silence before she spoke again.

"Please, just go Nonny. I don't want to burden you with my problems."

"Pinkie, years ago I made a Pinkie Promise to you that if there was ever a moment where you were sad or lonely or that you needed help that I would be there for you to make you feel better. Remember?" You asked hoping to jog her memory. You remembered the day that you made that promise to her. It was a few years ago when she was baking a huge wedding cake when she accidently put lemon filling into the cake instead of cherry and the groom was allergic to lemon. So she was really saddened and started panicking because she had a deadline to make. Luckily for her, you were there to help her with making another cake by scratch and you successfully were able to get the new cake there on time. Afterwards, the two of you decided to give the old cake to charity. After that, you made that very promise to her which resulted in her giving you a huge hug. There was another moment of silence before Pinkie spoke again.

"It's open." You hastily open the door to see her on her bed but she was definitely not herself. Her usual lively poofy hair was now dull and straight; almost as if someone had sucked the life out of it. Her eyes were bloodshot and puffy and she had tears going down her cheeks. Somehow in a short span of time she had already accumulated a large number of used tissues on her bed next to her. She definitely didn't look like the Pinkie Pie that you've come to know and secretly love. The Pinkie Pie that you knew was upbeat, happy, and so much fun to be around, but this Pinkie Pie was something else entirely. This was just........depressing. You slowly walked up to her while speaking softly.

"Pinkie, I saw what happened. I'm so sorry." You sat down next to her while she was blowing her nose. Once she was finished, she looked at you from the corner of her eyes before she suddenly threw her arms around your neck and pulled you into a hug while sobbing on your shoulder. You rubbed her back gently as she continued to cry. You almost felt like crying yourself for seeing her like this, but you had to remain strong for your friend. She eventually calmed down as best as she could before separating the hug and looking at you. You looked back at her before speaking.

"What happened before he.....well you know?" You asked hoping to get the full story to get better context on what happened. She looks down for a bit before looking back up at you.

"Well, I arrived at the school early like I normally do and I was waiting for him to come. When he eventually did, he had a serious look on his face. I asked him what's up and he said that we needed to talk. So I was like "Sure what do you wanna talk about sweetie?" and he looked at me and said..............and said.........." She struggled on the last part and she started tearing up again. You put your hand on hers before she looked at you and calmed down by taking a deep breath.

"He said........that he didn't wanna be with me anymore!" She yelled the last bit before sobbing into her hands. You pulled her into another comforting hug with her staining your shoulder with her tears. You didn't care about that, your crush needed a shoulder to cry on right now and you were happy to provide it. She stopped crying before separating the hug before you grabbed another tissue for her and she thanks you for it. She blows her nose again before speaking again.

"Why would he do this to me? Was I not good enough for him? Did I do something to make him do this?" She asked. You shook your head.

"Don't say that Pinkie! Anyone would be lucky to have you in their life! He clearly couldn't see that!" You said trying to cheer her up.

"But why would he do this? I was always trying to be the best girlfriend that I could be to him. It must have been something I did, because why else would he just.......just.......break up with me?" She said before hugging her legs and putting her head down. You got off the bed and you stood in front of her and you placed your hands on her shoulders which prompted her to look up at you.

"Pinkie, I refuse to believe that it was something that you did to make him do something this terrible to you. It must have been something on his end because you are way too sweet and caring to do something that would warrant such an act from him. He must be an idiot if that's the case because a smart person would never make a girl as amazing as you cry for any reason." You said truthfully. She smiled for at bit at your kind words.

"Thank you Nonny. You're such a sweet boy you know that? Why can't all boys be like you?" You blushed a bit at her comment.

"Well that's just who I am Pinkie Pie. I care a lot about my friends which also includes you. You mean a lot to me and I honestly can't stand to see you upset." She seemed to have blushed a bit at what you said but it could have been from the bad lighting in her room. She sits there for a moment before looking back at you.

"Anon, I really do appreciate you going out of your way to try and make me feel better. But right now, I just wanna be alone. Thank you for checking up on me." She said solemnly to which you were stunned by.

"But....but what about my promise that I made to you? I promised that I would always comfort you no matter what." You said but it only resulted in her looking away from you and closing her eyes.

"Can you make me a new promise then? Can you please leave me be until I'm ready to talk to you again? Can you Pinkie Promise me that?" She asked. You went wide eyed for a moment. Pinkie wanted you to NOT uphold the promise YOU MADE to her?! Pinkie was always very adamant about making sure that her promises, whether they were made by her or towards her, would always be fulfilled. She must have been really hurt by the breakup to go against something that she herself created. You sat there for a few more seconds before sighing and looking back to her.

"Okay Pinkie. If this is what you really want, then I'll leave you alone."

"It is. I'll see you later Nonny." She gave you one last hug before slumping back onto her bed as you stood up and slowly walked back towards the door. You looked back at her with a saddened look before stepping out and closing the door. You walked out of the house and back towards CHS. You eventually made it back to the school and to your first period class. You lied to your teacher by saying that your alarm clock didn't go off that morning and he let you off with a warning since you were on time for the most part. You went through the rest of the day as best as you could, but you couldn't help but think about Pinkie Pie and how you desperately wanted to be there for her.

You came up with a plan that when Pinkie comes back to school, you and the rest of her friends will come up with something to try and make her happy again. You needed to see Pinkie smile again; even if it's only for a brief moment. She's already done so much for you that you couldn't let something like this go. You also made a plan that you would confront Golden Shine at some point and demand him to tell you why he broke up with Pinkie in the first place. All of this was going through your mind as the rest of your day continued.

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