Chapter 7: Interrogating The Ex-Boyfriend

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The weekend had passed with everyone going back to school with the usual looks of disappointment whenever their fun time was over. For you though, you were the only one thankful for this, because this was the chance to find Pinkies ex-boyfriend Golden Shine and demand him to tell you why he broke up with her. You looked all over the school during the first passing period to see if he was anywhere, but you weren't able to find him. As you were looking around, you ran into Zephyr Breeze who you really didn't want to see right now.

"Anon, there you are! I've been looking all over for you! So, have you changed your mind about helping me?" He asked in his usual hipster tone of voice. You tried to hold in your annoyance to this by speaking politely to him.

"Look Zephyr, I'm really not in the mood for your constant begging right now. I'm trying to look for someone and I can't do that I'm while talking to you. So could you please leave me alone for now?" You asked while maintaining your polite façade. He wouldn't listen though as he continued.

"But Anon, I seriously need your help here! Rainbow Dash is almost mine, I can feel it, I just need the right kind of advice so I ca-" He couldn't finish his sentence as you had cut him off.

"ZEPHYR BREEZE, I AM REALLY NOT IN THE MOOD TO PUT UP WITH YOU RIGHT NOW! I'M ALREADY GOING THROUGH ENOUGH AS IT IS WITHOUT YOU COMING UP TO ME WITH YOUR CREEPY AND PATHETIC FANTASIES ABOUT RAINBOW DASH! SO JUST SHUT UP FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE AND LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!" You screamed at him from the top of your lungs. He stood there with a shocked look while he had backed up a bit. You were heaving and panting while staring at him with angry eyes. He stares at you for a few more seconds before finally speaking.

"Well . . . okay then. I can see that you're really upset. So, I'll just be on my way then." He said before slowly walking away while feeling a little bit upset. You realized what you had just done and starting feeling guilty. You just took your anger and frustration out on one of your friends. Sure he was obnoxious at times, but he didn't deserve that kind of treatment. You quickly called out to him before he got out of earshot.

"Zephyr wait!" He turned around while you walked up to him. "I'm sorry for yelling at you. It's just . . . it's just that I'm dealing with a lot right now. My best friend is heartbroken and upset, me and my other friends tried all that we could to help cheer her up which resulted in almost nothing happening, and now I'm trying to find her ex-boyfriend but I can't find him anywhere. Things have been so rough lately and I took it all out on you. I'm really sorry." You said while looking down with tears in your eyes. You heard footsteps which at first you assumed was him walking away, but instead they grew closer to you until you felt a hand on your shoulder. You looked up to see Zephyr with an understanding look.

"I get it Anon. I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have bothered you when you were clearly upset. We're still friends so no need to worry." He said while smiling. You smiled back at him before giving each other a fist bump. "So, I'm guessing your looking for Pinkies ex-boyfriend by any chance?"

"How do you know that?" You asked.

"Dude, I was there at the party and it's been going around the school for a while." He reminded you.

"Oh, right." You said while rubbing the back of your neck. "Have you seen him lately?" You asked before he shook his head.

"I'm sorry Anon, I don't really know where he is right now." He answered truthfully. You looked down in disappointment. "But I do know where he likes to hang out after school if that's alright." Your eyes lit up with hope and you looked back at him.


"Yeah. He likes to hang out around the soccer field behind school while reading a book. I've seen him a few times there while I was . . . well that's not important. You might be able to find him there." You smiled instantly at this and gave Zephyr a bro hug.

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