Chapter 5: Cheer Up The Party Girl Part 3

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The Next Day

You were taking your usual route towards Canterlot High. As you were walking, you couldn't help but reminisce about yesterday. It's seemed as though you were starting to bring the old Pinkie Pie back, but you and the others still had a long way to go when it came to helping her heal from the breakup. You were still determined to do this though. As you continued on your way to school, you looked forward and noticed Pinkie walking by herself. You smiled and jogged up to her slowly, but surely as to not startle her. She heard your footsteps and she turned around and she saw you and she smiled a bit.

"Hi Nonny." She greeted you in the same tone of voice as yesterday. You made your way up to her and hugged her gently to which she reciprocated.

"Hey Pinkie. How are you feeling?" You asked feeling concerned for her. She sighs while you still maintained the hug.

"A little bit better now that you're here." She said giggling a little bit. You smiled greatly to yourself at the fact that she's giggling again. Progress is being made here, you just had to keep it up. The hug was separated as you both stared at each other.

"So, do you wanna walk with me?" You asked. She smiled at your request.

"I'd like that." With that said, you both started to make your way towards CHS. While you walked, you noticed that she would take occasional glances towards you and opened her mouth a few times as if she wanted to ask you something. You stopped and turned to her.

"What's up?" You asked.

"I-it's nothing." She retorted.

"Pinkie, if you wanna ask me something don't be afraid to ask. So, what is it?" She looked at you for a moment before she spoke.

"C-can I......maybe.....hold your hand?" You were surprised by her request. Pinkie Pie, your best friend and secret crush, wanted to hold hands with you. How could you say no to that? You smiled and nodded. She smiled and slowly raised her hand out to you. You gently took her hand into yours. Her hand was so soft, smooth, and warm that you couldn't help but feel your heart beat faster.

You intertwined your fingers together before you both continued your journey. You could feel her gently squeeze your hand and you squeezed back gently. You noticed that her hair had flickered in color once more and that a few more hairs were standing up. You smiled knowing that you had made more progress with her. While walking, she decided to ask you another question.

"Nonny? What if Golden Shine sees us doing this? What would he have to say about it?" She asked while feeling a little bit worried. You blew a raspberry at the thought.

"Who cares what he thinks Pinkie. He can get upset all he wants but he can't stop us from doing what we want, more importantly he can't stop you from doing what you want." You turned to her and cupped her cheek in your hand. "Remember Pinkie, he went out of his way to dump you. Right now, he should be of no concern to you. Your happiness is all that I care about." She stared at you for a moment before smiling at you and placing her hand on yours that was on her cheek.

"Thanks Nonny. Thanks for being so sweet and caring." She said sweetly. You then stared into each other's eyes for a moment or two before you resumed walking to school.


After school was finished for the day, you met up with Pinkie and walked with her towards her home. Unbeknownst to her, you were about to initiate phase two of the plan: Watch her favorite movies with her friends. You made it to her house and stopped just outside of it.

"Hey Pinkie? Do you mind if I hang out with you today?" You asked. She looked at you and smiled.

"Okay, I can use some company right now." She said before motioning you to follow her inside. You gladly did so as she made her way to the door and opened it. She gasped in surprise once she looked inside. There sitting on her couch was the rest of the Rainbooms. They were all chatting with each other before they noticed Pinkie and smiled at her.

"Girls?! What are you all doing here?" She asked while flabbergasted.

"We came over to hang out with you of course." Twilight said enthusiastically. The others nodded.

"Yeah, we thought we would spend the rest of the afternoon watching your favorite movies with you." Sunset added. Pinkie smiled at the caring display in front of her.

"T-thank you girls. Thank you all so much." She said.

"Well, don't thank us sugarcube, this was all Anons idea to get this whole shindig together." Applejack said while gesturing towards you. Pinkie turned around to look at you with a surprised expression.

"Anon? You came up with this?" You smiled at her question and nodded. She race walked up to you and pulled you into a firm hug which you gladly hugged back.

"Thanks Nonny. Thank you so much for all of this."

"You're very welcome Pinkie." The two you embraced each other for a moment before you finally pulled back. Another flash of color and a few more hairs stood up as a result. You smiled at that before you both made it over to the couch and sat with your friends.

"So Pinkie, which movie do you wanna watch first?" Rainbow asked.

"The choice is all yours darling." Rarity added. Pinkie thought about it before making a decision.

"Stormy with a side of pudding?" She asked.

"An excellent choice Pinkie." Fluttershy commented.

"Here, I'll put it in." Applejack volunteered before getting the disk and putting in the DVD player. She sat back down as you all began to watch the film. It was always nice to have movie nights with your friends like this, but with the knowledge that you were also doing this to help out a friend was even better.

Throughout the movie, you noticed that Pinkie was ever so slightly scooching closer to you every few minutes or so. This continued until she eventually was shoulder to shoulder with you and she placed her head on your shoulder. You looked down at her and smiled before placing your own head on hers. You put your hand on top of hers as she gently squeezed it. The girls also took notice and smiled at your cute display.


Movie night was officially over as the girls were saying their goodbyes to Pinkie as they each gave her a supportive hug. When everyone else left it was just you and Pinkie now. You both sat on the couch staring at one another before you finally stood up and stretched.

"Well Pinkie, I had a lot of fun tonight. I'll see you later." You we're about to go before she stopped you.

"Wait. Maybe you can.....sleep over.....if you want to that is." She proposed with a bit of a blush. You also blushed at the idea.

"Well... sure. I can stay here. Just give me a moment so can call my parents to let them know." She nodded before you called your parents to let them know. They said okay before you hung up and started getting ready for bed. You stayed in the guest room that they had as you were lying down about to go to sleep before the door opens and you see Pinkie in her pajamas. You sat up as she walked closer to the bed.

"Do you need something Pinkie?" You asked. She stood there while playing with the hem of her pjs before looking at you.

"C-can I.......sleep with you tonight?" She asked while darting her eyes all over the place while avoiding eye contact. Your face became red as a tomato before answering her.

"S-sure thing." You said while patting on one side of the bed. She walks over and slowly got into bed with you. You moved over to make room for her as she got comfy. "Are you cozy?" She nodded.

"Can I-I also......cuddle......with you?" She asked cutely. Your face became even more red as you nodded before lying on your back. She cuddles into your chest and wrapped her arms around you.

"Goodnight Pinkie."

"Goodnight Nonny." She said before dozing off. You looked down at her while she was snoozing for a few minutes before you started to gently pet her hair. Your heart couldn't help but melt at the cute sight. She really was amazing to you in every way possible. You stared down at her before smiling and drifting off into sleep while holding the cute party girl in your arms.

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