Chapter 8: Love And Happiness

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After walking for some time, you finally arrived at Pinkies house. You walked up to the front door and you were about to knock on it before you hesitated. What if you tell her why Golden Shine broke up with her and she might never be happy again? She said she wanted to know why but what if it just ends up hurting her even more? You loved Pinkie too much to do that to her so you decided to just head back home. Before you could however, a voice came up behind you as you were walking away which stopped you.

"Nonny?" You looked behind you to see Pinkie standing in the door way looking at you with a curious look. "What are you doing here?" She asked. You turned your whole body towards her before coming up with something.

"I just . . . wanted to come and see you. Check on you, you know?" You said.

"Do you wanna come in?" She asked. You wanted to say no, but you couldn't deny those cute sky blue eyes.

"Sure, thank you." You said as you stepped inside. Pinkies parents were at work and her sisters were out doing their own thing so Pinkie had the house to herself today as she mostly did. You walked to the couch and sat down as Pinkie walked over and sat next to you. "So, how are you Pinkie?"

"I'm alright, how about you?"

"I'm . . . fine, thank you." You said while trying not to be upset by todays earlier event. She caught the nervousness in your voice and soon grew concerned for you.

"Are you okay Nonny? You seem nervous about something." She asked feeling concerned. You tried to dissuade her from continuing to ask.

"It . . . it's nothing Pinkie. Just kind of . . . of . . . "

"Nonny if somethings wrong please tell me. I've always told you if something was wrong so why don't you tell me now." You looked back at her while feeling very conflicted. What should you do? Tell her and risk the possibility of never being able to see her happy again or don't tell her and she'll never know the truth and she may not recover from this? The latter seemed impossible since you've known her to be just as stubborn as you were. It seemed like this was a risk that you had no choice but to take. You steeled your resolve, took a deep breath, and looked back at her.

"Alright, here it is. I talked to Golden Shine today." She gasped at this. She hadn't seen Golden Shine since the breakup and to hear you say that you talked to him was shocking. She allowed you to continue on however as she wanted to hear the rest of the story. "And . . . he told me the reason why he broke up with you." Her eyes widened and she quickly put her hands on the sides of your arms.

"Really?! What did he say?! Please tell me Nonny!" She begged. You stared at her beautiful pair of eyes as you predicted that they would be filled with tears soon. You bit your lower lip before continuing.

"He said . . . that . . . the reason why he broke up was because . . . he said you . . . were . . . annoying and idiotic." You finished before closing your eyes in defeat. You sat there with your eyes closed waiting for a reaction from Pinkie. You soon could feel her hands on your arms shake a little bit. 'Oh no.' You thought to yourself as you looked up and saw Pinkie staring at you with watery eyes and a quivering lip. You saw the few strands of hair that were standing up instantly became dull and straight again. Her whole body became grey and lifeless as you witnessed all the progress that you made with trying to make her happy again flush down the toilet. She broke down into tears as she held her head in her hands.

"So it WAS my fault." She said to herself before she was full on crying in front of you. You immediately wrapped your arms around her in some desperate attempt to try and help her stop crying. She wouldn't stop however as she continued to sob and stain the couch with tears. You tried to see if your words would be able to somewhat get through to her.

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