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Adam's: POV

I work at H&M. I found my best friend here and we can talk about almost everything.

"It was Liz's birthday yesterday." I said. "I can't believe she's already five years old." replied Emma. "Me either." I said.

"Excuse me, I would like to pay." replied a young man. "Yeah, of course." said Emma. He paid his stuff. I checked him out. "Here you go and have a nice day." she said. "Same to you." he replied and walked out of the store.

"Hey Adam, you've a husband, stop checking out other men." said Emma. "I didn't." I replied. "Don't lie to me, I saw how you looked at him." she said. "I'm sorry, it won't happen again." I replied. "Good." said Emma.


I was lying on the couch and read a book. A young boy with raven hair came into the living room.

"Hello brother." he said. "Manfred." I replied and hugged him. "I've missed you." he said. "Me too." I replied.


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"Uncle Fred." said Liz and Jessie. He hugged his nieces. "To my Frozen princess." replied Fred. He gave Liz a stuffed reindeer doll. "I'll name him Sven." she said.

"Can Lucas sleep over here?" asked Fred. "Sure he can." replied Felix. "Thanks, it's a bit tough at home." he said. "I'm sorry to hear." replied Felix. "I'll give him a call." said Manfred.

"Papa, can we eat tacos today?" asked Liz. "Sure." said Felix. "I gotta go." I replied. "Where are you going?" he asked. "Home to Terrance." I said. "Okay." replied Felix.

"I'm soon home again." I replied. He nodded. "Love you so much." I said. "Love you too." replied Felix. I gave him a kiss before I left. I put on my leather jacket and walked out from the house.

Thank you glambertybear for being in my book.

We shouldn't trust Adam

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