Part 5

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Jungkook's POV

It took Jimin about fifteen minutes before he finally stopped crying. My heart burned at the thought of the incident in the market just now.

But to be honest, Jimin's scent was so alluring just like Taehyung said. Even I had a hard time controlling myself.

I wonder how strong it would get when he was finally in his heat.

"Do you still want to shop?" I looked down to Jimin, while passing the tissue for him to wipe the remaining tears and he nodded.

He was still sitting on my lap and I didn't have the heart to remove him to the seat besides me in his current state. I knew he was weak considering he was an omega, but I never saw him being this weak.

"Give me the list. I'll do it for you," I offered but he profusely shook his head to disagree.

He must have thought that he was going to trouble me. There was no way I could let Jimin go back into that market full of those horny wolves.

That beta just now was lucky I didn't decide to rip his head off his body for what he did to Jimin. If the same thing happened again today, I can't promise the same.

"Jimin, for how many times do I have to say that you are not troubling –"

"Don't leave me alone please," he whispered, cutting of my sentences before I could even complete it while looking straight at me with those watery eyes and plump lips.

I swore my heart just skipped a beat.

His sweet scent suddenly got stronger and hit my nose making me gulped nervously. I slowly removed him from my lap before anything happened.

"I want to be with you," Jimin pleaded again while holding the sleeves of my coat with his small hands.

My eyes unintentionally wandered to his exposed skin and the outfit he was wearing was definitely making it riskier.

It didn't help with the fact that this small compound of a car was already filled with his scent.

'Oh my god don't lose control now, Jungkook'

I cleared my throat and quickly move out from the car before I got too excited. I breathed in the fresh air, my back facing the car.

"Jungkook?" I turned around only to be faced by the peeking of Jimin's eyes through the window opening, waiting for my permission. He wiped the tears remaining in his eyes with his paw sleeve, and I gulped my saliva for the tenths times today.

'What is he being so cute for?'

I took a deep breath before I gave my answer.

"You can come but you have to wear my jacket," I finally gave in.

His eyes immediately lit up, making my heart thumped a little bit harder than usual.

He walked out from the car and I immediately wrapped his body with my jacket, afraid that his scent would spread throughout the parking lot and attracted the attentions of others.

Jimin's POV

Jungkook agreed to let me shop with the condition that I was wrapped in his long jacket. He said that it was so that my scent will be covered by his, as well as to cover my exposed legs from being stared by anyone else.

He also kept me close to him by placing me between the trolley and his body while he pushed the trolley. He assisted me in finding all the items from the shopping list, not forgetting the ice cream.

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