Part 6

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Jimin's POV

I walked fast towards my bedroom, closed the door and quickly dialed Taehyung's number. After a few rings, someone finally answered.

"Tae!" I whisper-shouted to prevent Jungkook from hearing me.

"Jiminie? Why are you whispering? Is there anything wrong?" he sounded alert.

"Tae, Jeon Jungkook is in my house right now. Actually, he arrived not long after you left this morning when I hanged the clothes at the balcony, and I heard someone came into the house."

"I thought that it was you because you left your favorite scarf, but it turns out to be Jungkook. And now he was in the shower, but he said that he was going to spend the night here."

"I tried to give many excuses for him to go home but failed and you know how I am supposed to have my heat tomorrow right? What if he didn't want to go home and then my heat arrive? I won't be able to hide it from him! What should I do?!"

I ran out of breath after telling all those things to Taehyung, but I heard nothing from the other end, so I thought that maybe the line got cut-off.

I brought the phone away to look at the screen only to see that the line is still connected and quickly brought it to my ear again.

"Tae?" I called out, still whispering.

"Oh, so my scarf is still at your house! I thought I had dropped it somewhere while going to the mall with Yoongi just now," Tae finally spoke up.

"Tae!" I exclaimed when he totally disregarded the rest of my rant and focused on his damn scarf.

"What?!" he asked back.

I wasn't sure if he was avoiding any discussion about Jungkook being in my house or is it just his dumb nature to not realize the situation I was currently in.

"What do I do about Jungkook?" I repeated, hoping that he would have solution on this.

"Uhmmm, if I were you Jimin," he paused a little and I waited patiently for him to finish his sentence.

"I suggest you go get him boy!" Taehyung cheered, and I could hear Yoongi snickered at the back while listening to our conversation.

I facepalmed myself wondering why I called Taehyung in the first place fully knowing that he was the most irrational person at suggesting solutions.

"Urghh, not helping Tae. And you too Yoongi!" I shouted to the phone and ended the call.

Now what?

I jumped slightly when I heard a knock from outside. Jungkook must have finished his shower.

"Jimin, are you okay? I kind of heard you shouting just now," I opened the door slightly and was faced with Jungkook's exposed chest due to the pajama not being properly buttoned up.

I quickly diverted my gaze to his face before I began to drool over his body.

Damn this uncontrollable hormone.

However, I could see his eyes slightly darkened when my scent reached his nose. He might already sense that something was up with me.

"I'm okay. It was just Tae and Yoongi doing their weird stuff by doing prank call every now and then."

He snapped back to reality and said, "Oh, is that so,"

"Uh, do you need anything Jungkook?" I asked since he didn't budge from the door and just stared at me.

He has been staring at me for several times today. What did he want actually? Did his rut not end fully yet?

"Jimin, umm, could we talk for a second?"

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