Love at first sight 4-A piece of advice

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Love at first sight-Chapter 4  

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I can sense a very uncomfortable aura among the girls. All of them look like they're going kill me in any second well, except for Hillary. I said my thanks to Shawn and quickly dash myself out from the court. I looked back and saw all of the girls, still looking at me, their eyes were telling me to get lost, obviously.

I went to the tennis court. I was relieved that I was out from them, their gaze were really deadly. Suddenly, someone tapped my shoulder. I turned.

"Hey! just now at the basketball court, it was soo creepy!"

Her hair was tied ponytail, blonde. She's wearing a t-shirt with a black teddy bear picture printed in front. Her eyes were green and she's at least 3 to 4 inches taller than me.

"Um. Who are you?" I questioned her.

"I'm Nicole. Your new team manager."

"New team manager? Where's Tania?"

"Your former team manager? Don't you know? She was hospitalized. Don't ask me why, I don't know."

"I see. So, you were there just now? Are you one of the girls? If you are, I'm sorry."I gulped. "Don't kill me!"

"Oh, I'm not. I just happen to pass by the basketball court. Um.. you know, I heard from some girls saying you're the..l-love expert?" Nicole blushed.

"" I hate admitting myself as the love expert. I dislike the girls befriended with me just because they want some advice about boys and stuffs like that. After getting advices (which is totally not mine, I got it from teen magazines) they ran off and never talk to me again. Is it hard to buy a magazine, flip some pages and read?

"I want some advice." said Nicole in a very low tone. I guess she's embarrassed.

Here we go again. I put on my fake smile and started acting like an expert.

"So, spill everything out. I'll help you sort things up." I winked at her.

"I-I...already have a boyfriend b-but lately, he's avoiding me." She looked like she's about to cry. "and... I heard he said to his pals that he have someone else." Nicole buried her head in her arms. I can see tears starting to flow down. "What should I do?" She looked soo sad I felt sorry for her.

"Did you do anything wrong to him or maybe something that made him feel offended?" I asked her.

"Not that I could think of." She looked up, her eyes were red. She started to think deeply. "No..I don't think so."

"Did he asked you to break up with him?"

I shouldn't have said that. Right after I said that Nicole immediately cry, very loud. All the members looked at me like I was bullying the new team manager and made her cry. I was soo frightened that I took her to the equipment room. Away from the members. I let her finish crying.

"I'm sorry." I apologized to her.

"'s not your fault..I'm the one who asked you to help me.." she wipe away her tears. "Well..h-he did asked me to break up..."

"Nicole, do you know the girl?"

"Yeah. She's very pretty and quite popular. She's nice too." She looked relax when she was trying to describe how the girl looks like, her personality and other stuffs.

"Mhmm. I see, listen to me Nicole, I think you should break up with him."

"What?! How could y-"

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